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Eddie Maddock: Eye on Schnebly Community Focus Area

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie Maddock examines city of Sedona 2014 voter preferences impact three years later.

Sedona AZ (February 20, 2017) – Moving right along to formulate plans for the Schnebly Community Focus Area, the second of two special draft council meetings occurred on February 15, 2017, to review and expand plans set forth at the initial meeting held January 25.

Community Development Director Audree Juhlin briefly reviewed the nature and reason for the Community Focus Areas, as set forth by voter ratification of the revised Community Plan on March 11, 2014.

Addressing a question from Councilman John Currivan about the urgency of moving these CFA’s along so quickly, Schnebly being scheduled after already approving Western Gateway and Soldier Pass CFA’s, Ms. Juhlin again emphasized the connection to the updated Community Plan, further explaining that a total of 13 such areas have been identified as Citizen Focus Areas.

Unlike the others, Schnebly CFA, is primarily residential and the intent is to preserve the creek side area as a prominent and yet protected feature of the community. Based on what has been proposed, it will require a zone change for mixed use, as was defined at the first meeting on January 25th.

Those proposed permitted mixed-uses are:
·         Lodging (limited to no more than half the acreage)
·         Campground/RV Parks
·         Agricultural (gardens, nurseries, vineyards)
·         Parks & Recreation (discretionary creek access)
·         Commercial (restaurants, markets, galleries)
·         Single family residential
·         Multi-family residential
·         Accessory uses.

Councilman Currivan suggested having the current transportation study incorporated into this project to project future traffic impacts. However, that request essentially was denied to expand any further than the presently suggested analysis.

Cynthia Lovely, Senior Planner, Department of Community Development, expanded the proposals with a detailed slide presentation of key issues.

Protection of Oak Creek and its riparian habitat by maintaining floodway in natural state with only minor improvements such as trails, parks, and temporary structures were among the recommendations.

Permanent protection of the Oak Creek corridor is strongly recommended with consideration of property owners to establish conservation easements and/or donate or allow land to be acquired by public or non-profit organizations.
Drainage flowing into Oak Creek should be retained, unaltered.

Preserving and protecting open space along Schnebly Hill Road in addition to limiting visible development on hillsides are to be considered in addition to flexibility of on-site design standards to enable preservation of floodway, open space, and hillside setbacks.

Building style, use of native plants, screening, style of streets, and parking will be compatible to blending in with residential neighborhoods.

Historic preservation will remain high priority. An effort will be extended to reduce dependency on single occupancy vehicles and encourage trails to enable complete walking and bicycle connectivity.

Create access to Oak Creek is back on the drawing board with consideration of a creek walk as part of the pedestrian network, as well as potential for a footbridge over Oak Creek.

Sedona Creative Life Center is within the Schnebly Hill focus area.

Implementation of a zone change will also be a requirement for establishment of an “Oak Creek Heritage District.”

Again, this updated planning is a result of a ballot measure to ratify the updated Community Plan, presented to Sedona registered voters on March 11, 2014. Of the 2,422 responding ballots (representing a turnout of 37.3%) 1,423 voted “yes” and 923 voted “no.” So, 62% of a voter turnout of a mere 37.3% made this monumental decision.

Likewise, later that same year on August 27, 2014, Sedona voters approved Proposition 429, Home Rule (Alternative Expenditure Limitation). That resulted in total votes of 3,976 of which 2,665 approved Home Rule and –1,311 opposed. Conclusion: 66% of those voting supported unrestricted expenditure limitation, but still only 3,976 voters out of incorporated Sedona’’s population of approximately 10,000 voted.

If you are among those who did not vote, do not complain that decisions presently being implemented are the result of less than half the residents living here.

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  1. West Sedona Dave says:

    Thanks Eddie spot on on many points……..I think the 10,000 as residents isnt a solid number would like clarification?
    As I have heard over and over that only 40% of Sedonians live here full time….if that holds any water, many might not be here come election time….Not arguing or disagreeing, looking for clarification more than anything.
    What is the average voter turn out %, and the actual #’s voting?

  2. Eddie Maddock says:

    West Sedona Dave:

    Of course the answer to your question is constantly changing. The approximate 10,000 population figure was based on the last census taken and after a ten year period it had dropped from 11,000. Not too long ago (maybe last election) the city clerk offered the registered voter number which is also what was used during the ballot measures in 2014.

    There are four houses on my street presently occupied by part-time residents and many more throughout this and the adjacent subdivision. And it’s possible the numbers will be even more fluid due to home sales for the purpose of vacation rentals.

    Since today is a holiday making for a short week at City Hall (they close on Fridays) maybe next week would be a better time to seek a more solid number. However, the percentages at the time of the cited ballot issues to my knowledge are valid.

  3. QUESTION says:

    Why is the actual population really an issue here? Isn’t it the number of registered voters that actually voted what’s important? If a mere 37% of registered voters took time to vote for the revised Community Plan (as an example) then where were the remaining 63%? That’s where the problem is, not only here but throughout the country. Apathy rules. Shameful.

  4. West sedona resident says:


    Don’t you know that it ESM making an issue out of nothing once again…

    You are correct if only a low percentage of registitered actually voted that’s the way it goes….. ESM wants to blame someone at city hall(don’t you know thiervclosed on Fridays))… she wants to make a non issue and turn it into an imaginary issue cause she she says so…

    That’s what the guy Trhowbly does as well….really pathetic

  5. Follow Up from E. Maddock says:

    Having sent an e-mail to Sedona City Clerk Susan Irvine on 2/20, 3:47 PM, this is her response, regarding the voter registration numbers for Sedona:

    Hi Susan:

    At your convenience will you please send me an update on the current number of Sedona registered voters. Also, due to the increasing part-time home owners as well as the state legalization of vacation rentals, is there any feasible way of calculating as in a census count just what the population is of incorporated Sedona?

    Thank you,

    Good morning Eddie,

    The voter registration numbers from the August 2016 election were 2,261 for Coconino County and 4,851 for Yavapai County for a total of 7,112. We do not have a way to calculate the population for Sedona and are still using the last Census figure of 10,031 for our purposes. Please let me know if I can provide anything further. Thanks.


    Susan L. Irvine, CMC
    City Clerk
    City of Sedona
    Email: SIrvine@SedonaAZ.gov

  6. Joanne W says:

    I really don’t understand why the city government is spending taxpayers money to create things not wanted or that will be used. Sedona hasn’t grown in years. We aren’t getting people to live here as Sedona is become unlivable. Unlike other small towns that are growing. Sedona schools sucks, jobs are all service industry which don’t pay and are based on peak tourist seasons. Families don’t and won’t move here. No opportunity, no community support. City council are insane crazy old people that have no sense at all. All know it alls that are reckless pigs spending more than the city brings in.
    Is this special interests driving money business to them?

  7. West Sedona Dave says:

    Why is the actual population really an issue here? Isn’t it the number of registered voters that actually voted what’s important? If a mere 37% of registered voters took time to vote for the revised Community Plan (as an example) then where were the remaining 63%? That’s where the problem is, not only here but throughout the country. Apathy rules. Shameful.
    If apathy is shameful…..If being misinformed, under informed,or lack of any knowledge would be stupid in my book!

    We have a census every 10 years…..All that is is sent to ones home….it has ZERO to do with elections….

    What is the number of registered voters?….Because the census tells us 10,000 residents great….How many are children? How many is this there second home and vote elsewhere?

    3,000 registered voters and 3,000 vote would be great…..If the number is much higher then 3,000 is in the 30% range….

    Why attack anyone if they ask a question regarding true numbers?
    Only if you live in a narrow minded hate filled world would you attack anyone….

    So enjoy your strange perception of attack, attack attack, if that makes you feel better?
    It only shows your utter lack of intelligence and one sided opinionated views.
    Carry on!

  8. Same Old, Same Old says:

    Sheesh – the article is about proposed plans for Schnebly Community Focus Area which came about due to a ballot issue approved by 37% of registered voters at that time. Point being that less than 50% of registered voters apparently don’t care about what goes on in Sedona. So why all the griping about traffic, money given to the chamber of commerce to advertise for more tourists, or anything else? It will be interesting to find out in the very near future how these same apathetic people feel about proposed city property taxes, increase in sales tax, special funding districts, or anything else reflecting imposing new sources of money.

    Apathy took a vacation when the city council voted to take ownership of W89A. What will it take to awaken the sleeping giant again?

    (Plans for more lodging before traffic study completed and/or impact from legalized vacation rentals? Brilliant.)

  9. PS = Same Old, Same Old says:

    Correction: should have been “Point being that MORE than 50% of registered voters apparently don’t care about what goes on in Sedona.” (instead of LESS) Sorry about that. And BTW West sedona resident, did you take note Mrs. Maddock already had a response from the City Clerk to confirm the information requested in another comment. Your snide remarks, as usual, were way off base. So what else is new? At least some of us have the integrity to apologize when we’re wrong.

  10. JJ says:

    @ west sedona loser!
    The only thing to do is to get more citizens involved. So that is what we will do. We will get out the vote and get things changed. We will see how many people we can get to file complaints. Thanks for pushing us. You loser.

  11. What the ???? says:

    West Sedona Resident’s hatred is exceeded by stupidity. The remark made by Mrs. Maddock relating to the city offices being closed on Fridays and not adding pressure to their short week because of the holiday was a considerate gesture. And even at that the city clerk responded very quickly. It is you, West Sedona whatever you are who is out of line and just plain ignorant.

    And face it, people. No matter what the census population of Sedona is, major decisions such as the two mentioned in the above article will be decided by the voters. So what’s the beef? Only problem is when Sedona is loaded with residents that don’t register to vote. Then, West Sedona Dave, it becomes relative on decisions being made by ballot measures. And what’s so difficult to understand about that?

  12. West sedona resident says:


    HO HUM Your a bore and don’t even live in city limits.

  13. The Thought Proctologist says:

    @ Wsr, West Sedona Resident, West sedona resident, West sedona Resident, WSR, WSR times 2, Anonymous and All Readers at The Eye:

    It’s time for your regular appointment for an enema to relieve your intellectual constipation which sounds like a broken record that nobody listens to…Below is the proof that you can EVER be believed since you’ve admitted that you, yourself, use multiple handles and then lie to cover up the fact.

    From The Thought Proctologist;

    Apparently J. Rick won’t repeat his own comments here since, I suppose, he feels to do so shouldn’t be necessary. So, I’ll do it for him, as follows, since I do happen to think the following comment needs to be repeated until the subject troll goes away forever:

    Under Eddie Maddock’s column of November 23, 2016 is this comment;

    J. Rick Normand says:
    December 26, 2016 at 3:01 pm

    @All Readers at The Eye:

    Re Hecklers: WSR (the ultimate hater and fraud posting above on Dec 25), Wsr, West sedona Resident and Anonymous

    Here is proof that hecklers like the one(s) below can NEVER be believed or trusted, not to mention that these trolls have no interest whatsoever in the articles which their attack targets have posted and labored to thoroughly research. See below:

    Reply to JRN from>>>
    West sedona Resident says:
    December 4, 2016 at 9:08 am

    J Rick Normand
    Thought Proctologist

    The above are both the same person….J Rick still can’t understand why you use your real name AND then an Alias

    Yes that anonymous post was WSR…forgot to fill it in before I posted


    J. Rick Normand says:
    December 6, 2016 at 9:21 am

    @West sedona Resident, WSR, Wsr, & Anonymous,

    Do you realize that you’ve just admitted that YOU’RE ALL FOUR OF THESE HANDLES while accusing me of being two handles with no evidence or confirmation of any kind? Can’t you ever do anything right?



    Reply to JRN from>>>
    West sedona resident says:
    December 6, 2016 at 2:16 pm


    So what….

    Wsr WSR west sedona resident. Yeah it’s all me …I repeat so what….[sic] there’s all the same…. I’m not pretending to be JRN. And the Thought Proctologist… what’s your point…..Or as in most of your posts….”there is no point”. Just a lot of huffing and hot air

    From JRN to West sedona Resident, WSR, Wsr, & Anonymous>>>

    Aside from what is revealed through your own words, WSR/Wsr, you’ve proved some other things, namely, that you’re incapable of original research and authoring related articles, incapable of deductive logic, and incapable of achieving enough credibility to persuade anyone to believe in your drivel which you tend to repeat incessantly. You need to find a new game! [and venue (TTP)]


  14. Say What? says:

    Is this latest version of West Sedona Resident the same one that has pledged troth to the many folks outside city limits that benefit from Sedona city taxes? And that includes the regional chamber that continues to rape the coffers dry to benefit their own members many if not most of whom are also located outside incorporated Sedona. And yet this same WSR now criticizes a comment by JJ for not being a qualified voter in Sedona? Go figure. More proof that insanity lives via those taking pot shots at Sedona Eye.

  15. @West sedona resident says:





    best way to describe u!

  16. Wsr says:

    Oh you people are beautiful in your responses: A bloviating Fat guy(thought Fart)And someone posting under 5 different names..Gotta love the haters out there

  17. Mary Lee says:

    Conspicuous by absence is any denial that the two issues (updated community plan and home rule) required voter approval both of which remain paramount to determining the direction of Sedona, Schnebly CFA being one example.

    To so blatantly deviate from the subject matter is a dead give-away and proof that comments attacking individuals are simply an attempt to redirect facts And the same tactic prevailed in today’s edition of a local paper, chastising an on-line blog for being naughty.

    Pretty disgusting boobs best describes them.

  18. @West Sedona Dave says:

    What planet are you from?


  19. JJ says:

    Christopher Graham has been (deleted by editor). The average number of fire stations for a town of 10000 is one. There are five in the immediate area. The fire cheif Kazian makes 150,000. Thats 50,000 more than the average fire chief makes in the valley. So get educated Christopher before you write such a bogus idiotic commentary in the red rock snooze.

  20. Charles but not in charge says:

    my grandkids nickname seemed appropriate for this comment

    @RBrazy I agree, most of neighbors & residents & tourists agree. New sheriff in town might be receptive to your idea. He seems a good guy. Knows that people read here. Why not give him a call & tell him straight.

    @FYI We lost 1400+ residents? Officially you’re saying, not knowing for sure? That’s a lot of lost tax revenue. Tourists pick that slack up. Granted the 1400 hit the street and waste water funds bigtime & tourists don’t contribute there. Correct me if wrong. Likely more stores headed out of town, quite a few of the owners and landlords are over 70 & no one wants to invest quality dollars in this town. Cheap dollars like timeshares & motels/hotels but not quality dollars. I’m sad for this town I love. Time to enjoy before final bell tolls & then leave for better acres. My kids don’t want my property, don’t like it here. Sad days for me.

  21. Foothills South says:

    Editors I prefer not to share my name or neighborhood if you don’t mind. My wife and I are on several committees which will remain nameless, socialize and associate with many from the city and from the counties surrounding us, own a business out of state and one that we sold years ago for our retirement. Life has been good in Sedona. We have concerns for its future. To the person in private conversation all have concerns and they have to do with tourism and taxes and amenities and environmental impacts that no one is addressing except for Oak Creek watershed.

    The filth from tourists is abysmal and shameful. Disgusting trails with flies because of feces left in piles. Plastic bags blowing where pristine wilderness was even a year ago. Address these issues, address e coli contamination in Slide Rock before the new season begins and it’s shut down over and over again for health hazards. Wake up and do your elected jobs to protect our environmental concerns. No we don’t need the Sierra Club to do it or the trail maintenance volunteers to do it we need prevention from the top down not bottom up. No monument will do it. No one but a public, private, government cooperative initiative; none by itself can do it.

    Thank you for reading my comment, Eddie Maddock and public. Enjoyable Wild West Sedona Times found here. Good reads as they say.

  22. Former Residents says:

    About the reduced population in Sedona. We have children in school. Our choice to relocate was because of the lousy school district – NO OTHER REASON. So get over yourselves if you blame on loss of younger people for any other reason. While we may or may not agree with Sedona city politics, we are working parents who are conscientious enough to care about the education of our children. Sedona was not a good fit and although we do not speak for others we were not the only parents that felt this well.

  23. AB says:

    @formerres decided to leave VOC & private schools & no regrets & no more rude hateful old people to every kid they see around

  24. Also Walked the Walk says:

    As professionally trained (medical and legal respectively) parents of two we also found it in the best interest of our family to relocate outside the Sedona-Oak Creek Unified School District. Since neither employment nor cost of housing in Sedona were an issue, the School District (unrelated to incorporated jurisdiction) became our primary concern. And in addition, the emphasis on tourism added to the mix of unappealing factors for attracting longevity of younger family oriented residents. We certainly wouldn’t give a thumbs up to encourage families to settle there. Without regret for having tried the tourist-town life style, we are elated to have moved to a more wholesome environment for our young children.

  25. Dave, VOC says:

    Building in the surrounding hills has to be stopped, Sedona golden goose is getting gutted. Stop being Humpty Dumpties. Oak creek can’t take it, the run offs are causing lower level geological shifts because little rain seeps in naturally, now it rushes to its lowest level bypassing tiny cracks and crevices that once acted as nature’s catch basins and kept rocks from disintegrating. Civil and highway engineers in the area are paid by developers to “make it happen” and don’t factor in environmental dos and don’ts, remember the recent earthquake that proves our rocks are an issue? Study geology. Do your homework. Ask a hydrologist, a geologist, and pay for a geological survey if you dare and see developers leave town. Not happening residents. Dream on.

    Prove you can take the heat, Sedona Times people. You’re well read including by local whack jobs. (Sorry about that but it’s Sedona and likely 3/4 of the population can’t see the scenery for macular degeneration.) Dave, VOC

  26. Ms. E. Terrio, Augusta ME says:

    Great quote to remember is “The conversation will happen with or without you.” The key word here is conversation. If it’s taking place, then be there. If Sedona is pristine and quiet and safe, then people like me will continue to come. It’s beautiful but it’s costly to travel there and then to stay there, and there are many equally beautiful places on earth to visit. Many people think the Utah red rocks are prettier than Sedona’s and that may be. People who will come to Sedona will go other places and likely not return. The last time I was there (June 2016) was about 8 years after my visit before and the city was not the better for the time, but then I like quiet and pristine and wide open spaces which Sedona isn’t any more. It isn’t sad it just is. I’ll be back at least one more time as my friend and I are aging and it’s important we stay in touch and visit each other. Stay well my friend and thank you for the subscription to this fine communication. Stay well Sedona too. Your dark skies are many of my memories.

  27. Windy & Betty G, Madison, WIsconsin says:

    We agree with the comment from Ms. E. Terrio with one exception. We will NOT be back to Sedona. The charm has succumbed to desecration in our opinions. Bigger is not necessarily better. Change is not always for the good.

  28. To those folk from Wisconsin says:

    Thank you for coming to Sedona and for adding to our tax base. I hope that you stayed at one of our 5 star hotels and added to our bed tax as well. You leaving your money in Sedona and then going home helps us out since you most likely won’t be using many if not none of our city services.

    I was so impressed that you came to visit only a short time and learned so quickly about SedonaEye and really gave a turd enough to make a posting. I know that when ever I travel across the country I always search out the most turbulent blog site in the city that I stay.

  29. Bob, Uptown says:

    E. & Betty are friends & we became fast friends in college decades & decades past. I sent them a link to the SedonaEye.com couple months back because it’s the best news in Sedona. Yes Turd, it’s the best. When I sent it, it was after they visited last summer & my suggestion was that they write what they liked and disliked because they can be vocal when displeased & pleased. They did. You don’t want to hear what they thought about certain restaurants & stores believe me! Thanks to my friends you’ve got points of views worth reading & & they see what I meant. Happy St. Patty’s day coming up. Sedona Eye you’re the folks I’d want in my next bunker experience. Semper Fi.

  30. W & B G - Wisconsin says:

    To the kind person who acknowledged us for contributing to Sedona’s tax base, we must admonish you for being so presumptuous. How do you know our LAST trip to Sedona was our FIRST? Bad mistake. It’s because of our history from traveling to Sedona we are aware of the changes. First hand experience of our own integrity and opinion uphold the remarks in our original comment.

    We apologize if we misled you to think our last visit to Sedona was our first but be assured your nasty words and less than gracious reaction to our reference to another Sedona Eye subscriber has reinforced our position.

    Bob, Uptown, we are clueless to your reference of E. & Betty being friends and the college reference of years ago?? At sea is commonly used in crossword puzzles and now we have at least one reason to understand why.

    And so ends not only our visits to Sedona but commenting on Sedona Eye. However, that does not mean we won’t continue to check it out.

  31. Bob, Uptown says:

    My fault. I’m wrong & apologize. Called & asked & my friends didn’t send. (Sounded like them!) They’re going to read comments from now on & might comment in future. PS Still say you’re a turd man (Sorry Sedona Eye for mistake)

  32. Alarmed says:

    Doesn’t Matt Goble of Clarion, the company the City hired to update the Sedona Land Development Code (LDC) tell it like it is by calling Community Focus Areas ‘zoning districts?’ Isn’t the City hoodwinking the public? Schnebly Zoning District sounds very apropos.

    According to Matt Goble, the Community Plan “is really the document that we will use for the foundation of what future land uses should be, how ZONING DISTRICTS should look, and other aspects such as connectivity and transit.” Ref Land Code Update Starts article, 11/18/16 Red Rock News)

    37% of the registered voters voted for a Plan for increased development, more traffic, and air pollution.

  33. Be Prepared says:

    Of course, “Alarmed” is correct. All these focus areas amount to is a sneaky way for rezoning. And this foolish nonsense about allowing even more lodging. As someone pointed out in another article, the reason the fire district needs more facilities is because of the increase in population – NOT Sedona residents but tourists that also hike and get into accidents and require emergency assistance. And who pays for all that? NOT the tourists as the lunatics at City Hall and the regional Chamber of Commerce would like us to believe. Legalized fraud?

  34. Anonymous says:

    @be prepared

    They are the same crazy person

    FYI SE readers

  35. Say what? says:

    The city is running fast and hard making more changes to sedona.

    City managers can’t manage so they “gift” the money and planning to the chamber. So if you think it’s bad now just wait. The chamber is running city hall and spending your money folks for their interests.They are lunatics……IMO

  36. "They" Won says:

    It’s pretty obvious because of the deafening silence of WSR etal. The war is over. “They” have won. Purchase of Jordan property and renewal of rip-off contract with city & chamber – done deal – but not for just 1, 2, or 3 years at a time. They will see to it this travesty is set in concrete for as long as possible. Remember this next election for council members, mayor, Home Rule, Community Plan update, fire and school district bonds. It is us, the residents, paying for the abuse from city council, city staff, and chamber & their affiliates. Look to shop and dine at non-chamber member businesses. Better yet, do not shop at all in Sedona. They clearly don’t need us except to pay for whatever new “sources” of money they can dream up. And don’t forget the proposed fire district bonds in the making. A pox on them all.

  37. Wsr says:

    They won
    Say what
    Be prepared

    The above is all the same crazy crazy person…..boy they have much hate and much time on their hands

  38. Jim says:

    yep move on folks the city is rouge with Miss Jen running it. remember to vote

  39. "They" Won says:

    Old never fail Wsr took the bait. And no, FYI, I’m NOT “Say what”, “Be prepared”, or “Alarmed.” Your stupidity is exceeded by your lack of ability to reject bait when it’s tossed to you. However, maybe “Jim” is even more stupid with his remark about the city being “rouge”. Is that meaning red faced? Doubt it. OMG – this gets funnier by the minute. And, Wsr, shut your sewer trap mouth and revel in your glory. “They” (meaning you) won the war as I reminded you before.

  40. West Sedona Dave says:

    Im am still waiting on one of these constant repeaters to finally answer my question!

    What has the county and or states attorney say when you tell them your aligations?

    Or is it just more gutless lies that you spew daily for this wako blog?

  41. tom howell says:

    Video showed only one of your group showed up at council work session, and almost no traffic in west sedona that day talk, what afraid of daylight? or Jen.

  42. The Thought Proctologist says:


    Everybody who reads articles and comments at this site knows that you have multiple handles (proof above), are too illiterate to write anything intelligent, and are full of hate for all those who are superior to you. And, everybody who comments at this site is your superior. Why? Because the entirety of your hate is derived from pure envy of people whom you wish you could emulate, but simply can’t due to your own low intelligence. Btw, vulgar language which you just can’t avoid Wsr, is always the hallmark of a very low IQ.

  43. wSr says:

    @they won”

    You seem very very sensitive….I wonder why…”sewer trap mouth” I guess you consider CRAZY which you are. A bad word

    @Thought Fart

    As usual your bloviating and extensive retoric amounts to Zero…

  44. F.Y.I. says:

    West Sedona Dave aka Wsr – They tell you to get your own attorney, that’s what.

  45. Eddie Maddock says:

    The decision has been made. The city will continue to pursue the expanded destination marketing contract with the regional chamber of commerce indefinitely. And it’s very possible steps will be taken to make this decision permanent, implementing terms and conditions to prevent future council members from reversing the policy. This will include authorization of undefined and unbridled control to this special interest, member driven organization over and above the confines of Sedona City Limits.

    Meticulous accountability of previous expenditures of Sedona bed tax and/or including but not limited to city sales tax as in the case of operating the Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center under the guise of it being a Sedona City production have been sorely lacking. There is no reason to believe that policy will change.

    The first betrayal occurred when that first city council in 2013/14 failed to uphold their pledge to seek RFP’s after the first year of the contract, instead increasing the term to three years. Present negotiations will seal the deal permanently just because they have managed to circumvent any intervention from those who dare to object to the contract for the multitude of reasons offered.

    Arrogance of power prevails just because it can. So live with it.

    My comments reflect my opinion. I do not speak for others.

    Eddie S. Maddock

  46. The Thought Proctologist says:

    @ Wsr, WSr, wSr, West Sedona Resident, West sedona resident, West sedona Resident, WSR, WSR times 2, Anonymous and All Readers at The Eye:

    So, we have to endure another one of your vulgar half-witted replies borne out of your illiteracy? And, btw, readers,wSr, is ALL the handles above. A true half-wit who is also a pathological liar.

  47. West Sedona Dave says:


    “West Sedona Dave aka Wsr – They tell you to get your own attorney, that’s what.”

    Complete and utter bolderdash!!!……………………No its people are either to LAZY or that were laughed out of there office!

    Any states attorney would love to make a name for hiself, if state corruption can be found! GET REAL!

  48. What the ???? says:

    Jeeeze West Sedona Dave and the rest of you who can’t even graciously acknowledge your victory. “Complete and utter balderdash?” Sez who. OMG – show a little class and quit while you’re ahead. But don’t expect the rest of us to be happy with the faltering seven calling the shots. Please note that includes the three newly elected. Didn’t take long for them to get their marching orders from Jen, Steve, Al & the gang to do what they are told ‘cuz that’s the way it is in Sedona – or else!

  49. F.Y.I. says:

    West Sedona Dave aka Wsr – Call up the AG’s Executive Office. They tell you to hire your own attorney. WAKE UP! That’s the way things work now days.

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