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Eddie Maddock: City Council Deals Are Destroying Our Sedona Dream

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock revisits the City of Sedona Dream and why Home Rule and the City Council are destroying it.

Sedona AZ  – Whether an idiom, proverb or adage, the saying ““a watched pot never boils”” takes on a totally new meaning in Sedona, Arizona. It might more appropriately be changed to “”watched pots never STOP boiling” in this neck of the woods.”

And as election time approaches, there are so many pots a-boiling that keeping track can be a fulltime job, if not mission impossible.

Adding fuel to keep those pots active are many, many rumors, some without merit and, in particular, relate to the periodic return of the ballot measure Alternate Expenditure Limitation, a.k.a Home Rule. Much has been written elsewhere about the concept of the measure, but “alternate expenditure limitation” defines it in a nutshell.

It’ has frequently been repeated in the event voters deny continuation of Home Rule it will either eliminate or vastly decrease funding for such “city services” as, for example, the library. While such a possibility cannot be denied, let’’s first get something clear.

Our library was established prior to the incorporation of Sedona by volunteers and, to this day, although the city presently provides funding for the operation, it is not owned by “the city.” Volunteers and private contributions made it happen, including design and construction of the present beautiful facility, and the physical efforts to relocate from the former location on Jordan Road.

1958: A volunteer group, Friends of the Library, established Sedona’s first library in donated space, with three shelves of books and magazines also donated. https://www.sedonalibrary.org/history.html

The same was true for the Humane Society of Sedona. Volunteers likewise made that happen without one penny from “a city.” Why? Because it didn’t exist. Minimal funds were, however, derived from both counties and perhaps a grant here and there. Keep Sedona Beautiful has the same story to tell. And, in fact, so does the original Sedona Oak-Creek Canyon Chamber of Commerce, established over 50 years ago and survived prior to incorporation, supported by private individuals, members and volunteers.

No matter where you go in the country, an Elks Lodge is right around the corner. With more than 850,000 members and 2,000 Lodges nationwide, Elks are providing charitable services that help build stronger communities. Join today.

Fundraising galas occurred frequently up at the Elks Club and were always well-attended with proceeds dedicated to benefit one cause or another. People cared. There wasn’t a tug of war for funding as exists this day and age. Community support prevailed.

Posse Grounds was alive and well, and accommodated many local events. We had the Art Barn uptown with a stage for performances, and all did very well without city funding.

We had no boundaries. People actually got along and smiled at each other. That old-fashioned way of life has been traded in for a new trend of power and money grabbing, in what all too often appears to be a result of self-indulgence for quite possibly the wrong reasons.

And unlike other cities/town, Sedona doesn’’t provide such things as water and garbage pick-up. So no, Folks, they cannot cut service in the event Home Rule is denied by voters. YOU pay the providers and it has nothing to do with our city government. The same is true of the Sedona Oak Creek Fire District and the Sedona Oak Creek Unified School District. They are NOT part of incorporated Sedona, but function through regional districts. And unlike, for example, Cottonwood, the City of Sedona does not own the airport.

Same as the fire and school districts, the Chamber of Commerce provides a regional service, but somehow manages to reap huge financial benefits from the City of Sedona which, of course, remain highly contentious.

How many folks would be brokenhearted if eliminating “Home Rule” would force cancellation of the city/chamber contract, headed up by people who seem to be unable to give an accounting of just how many of their members are located outside Sedona City Limits and do not deserve to be promoted via incorporated city funding? That remains a mystery since a simple cursory review of the members listed in the Chamber’s publication (providing such information reveals exactly where they are located) and maybe one or two not even in Arizona?

Further, not all 86336 zip codes are located within Sedona City Limits; however, a quick physical count of the onsite location of members really shouldn’t be that difficult to ascertain those who legitimately are entitled to be promoted at the alleged “official City of Sedona Visitors Center.”

In fact, again unlike most municipalities, actual necessary services provided by Sedona government are pretty much limited to the police department, wastewater treatment plant, providing and maintaining infrastructure which even at that is also limited considering our two major routes belong and are maintained by the State of Arizona.

And, of course, perhaps the primary reason voters approved incorporation? Community development – for the purpose of issuing permits in order to control such things as high density projects and ensure tasteful architecture to blend with our special environment.

Keep that in mind as you observe approval of at least two more major resort hotels in the near future; Upper Red Rock Loop and Soldiers Pass Road/89A, formerly Biddles. Will defeating Home Rule negate anything like that?

Since the basic services provided by incorporated Sedona are essentially limited to a Police Department, Wastewater Treatment Plant, Community Development and limited activity by the Public Works Department, how badly would Sedona residents suffer if Home Rule were to be denied?

Certainly it would be unfortunate if grants to non-profits are reduced or eliminated; however, does the public in general have enough grit and determination to keep these services up and running if such a thing were to occur? After all, most were established without Sedona city funding in the first place.

For example, a very recent event was paramount in precipitating the effort to pull this information together.

Featured in “Kudos The Good Life” (May 16-22, 2018) is a recap of The Rotary Club of Sedona’s 2018 Chili Cook-off: In addition to chili-chef winners, there are impressive lists of the names of sponsors for the event. For example, a total of nine sponsored “Beverage, Parking, Shuttle and Judges’ Gifts, seven sponsored “Habanero” and two people were “Serano” sponsors. A total of thirty-two stood up for “Jalepeno and Chili Pepper” while an impressive one hundred eleven donated to the “Rotary Silent Auction.” Keep in mind those numbers, totaling one hundred sixty-one businesses and individuals willing to give of their time, effort and products to make this annual event happen, remain really quite impressive…and prove that community spirit has not taken a leave of absence and grit and desire to make things happen. It can be done with or without incorporated Sedona.

After all, prior to 1988, when boundaries didn’t officially define Sedona City Limits, that’s how folks lived, cooperatively, and in unity without beating a path to a City Hall for funding.

Each and every civic organization offered not only group unification, but brought the community together at events such as the Chili Cookoff sponsored by the Rotary Club.

For so many years Sedona lived “the Impossible Dream.” Has that purpose become so faded and distorted that it no longer exists?


To dream the impossible dream,
To fight the unbeatable foe,
To bear with unbearable sorrow,
To run where the brave dare not go.
To right the unrightable wrong,
To love pure and chaste from afar,
To try when your arms are too weary,
To reach the unreachable star,

This is my quest,
To follow that star
No matter how hopeless,
No matter how far.

To fight for the right
Without question or pause,
To be willing to march
Into hell for a heavenly cause.
And I know if I’ll only be true
To this glorious quest
That my heart will be peaceful and calm
When I’m laid to my rest.

And the world will be better for this,
That one man scorned and covered with scars
Still strove with his last ounce of courage.
To fight the unbeatable foe.
To reach the unreachable star.

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  1. Jim Poole says:

    The problem with Sedona is the City has become all about tourism and dollars instead of a community and fellowship. Everything revolves around making money, enlarging the city government and its funding, as well as strengthening the Chamber of Commerce.

    Our community and the land are paying the price, because the policies of the city government and the Chamber are causing the ruination of Sedona.

    on HOME RULE &

  2. @Jim Poole says:

    You are correct that “Our community and the land are paying the price, because the policies of the city government and the Chamber are causing the ruination of Sedona.”

    And have you seen what’s in store for the latest Community Focus Area (Sunset & Shelby)? OMG tear down all the existing industrial buildings and replace with San Franciso looking structures. What about our beautiful Humane Society, the body repair shop, and other productive businesses already up and running for years? “To hell with them” is what city council and staff planners are saying. This MUST be stopped!


  3. Leyland Stad says:

    @Jim Pool

    Where do you get your information. (deleted by editor) Who said that the city was going to tear down existing industrial structures?

    Per the Humane Society, Recycling Center and automotive repair shops, they will all be here for a long time.

  4. Grateful In Sedona says:

    Finally, at last, the AG filed an SB1487 complaint against the city/chamber rendezvous thanks to Senator Judy Burges. And you should hear the whiners now! Griping about the timing for this atrocity, claiming it’s a setup to interfere with the outcome of an election or some such stupid thing.

    The fact of the matter is this investigation should have occurred from the get-go, back in 2013 when the city council simply neglected to pursue competitive bids for destination marketing. Or, better yet, they should have looked into the possibility of keeping it in-house. They don’t seem to have problems setting up new departments or creating new job positions when less important whims interfere with the air in their heads.

    Please, oh please, let this investigation be the end of the city/chamber liaison once and for all. They need to be reduced to their size and tend to their members, and do it without city funding at the tune of millions of dollars. The buggers need to be busted. They do NOT represent Sedona citizens even though they pitifully expect us to believe it. Begone, Monsters! And take the Sedona Lodging Council with you.

    Thank you, thank you Senator Burges. You stood up to a task that others preferred to ignore.

  5. Other Happy Sedona Residents says:

    @Grateful in Sedona – OMG – that’s the best news we’ve heard in a long, long time. When we moved here 12 years ago we never dreamed it would turn out to be living hell by dictation from the likes of the airheads at the Chamber & Lodging Council (not to mention city council & fathead staff members who allowed it.)

    Please, oh please, State Attorney General (Mr. Brnovich?) do not be flimflammed by any attempted con jobs from Sedona City Council, City Manager or especially the City Attorney if they try to convince you what is going on here is OK. It is NOT. Your investigation just MUST allow us our freedom for democracy instead of constant headlines about what a regional social club does for us. Thank you.

  6. Michael Schroeder says:

    There have been more than several attempts to file this since 2016 when 1487 became law. It apparently is not easy. To think that this was the only attempt. That is a delusional statement.

    Timing is everything. The city and the Chamber have had MULTIPLE opportunities to clean up the relationship through a city structured and mandated independent external audit.

    The CITY COUNCIL voted that down multiple times and the Chamber did not want it.

    Both the City and the Chamber BLEW IT. Now maybe the taxpayers will get the onion peeled back.

    Mike Schroeder

  7. Tony Tonsich says:

    I think Home Rule would be great if we had a frugal and responsible city staff and council. I find them to be far from frugal with YOUR money.

    A couple of points :

    Traffic is down because the Chamber decided to stop advertising in Phoenix, this summer only. It works, cut the chamber advertising and traffic drops. By the City’s own study, half the traffic driving through Sedona does not stop in Sedona.

    I’ve been looking at the WASTEFUL spending in Sedona for years. The 2017 Fiscal Year the Accounts Payable was 78 pages long. The most recent Fiscal Year, in order to hide what they are spending , Accounts Payable is 471 Pages long. I found many amazing examples of overspending. On page 267, As nothing is too good for city staff they stay in 4 and 5 star hotels. Staff does also approve of staying in the Ritz Carlton and charging the City.

    Meridien Hotel $914.76
    Renaissance Hotel $486.91
    Cartwrights Restaurant $603.73

    That’s not the worst, all those were charged to the city on 12/31/2017 Your city staff credit card use, even on New Years Eve.

    Jean Jenks has been looking at the city for years, when I sent her a copy of the 78 page report, she said” I knew it was bad, I did not know it was this bad .”

    The most recent Accounts Payable is also full of wasteful out of control spending.

    I could write a book on the waste. I’ll be happy to send copies for proof and your own research.

    Please, NO on Home Rule, NO to incumbents.

  8. Eddie Maddock says:

    Thank you, Mike Schroeder, for pointing out requests for an investigation date back a few years. In fact, even prior to passage of SB1847 inquiries about Sedona’s procedures were questioned at State level. Specifically in 2013 when the deal was sealed with the city/chamber contract. Let us just continue to hope the State Attorney General will not be swayed by professional negotiators who might attempt to soft-pedal the prevailing situation here in Sedona

    And Tony Tonsich, thank you equally for pointing out the gala Sedona Staff New Year’s Eve celebration paid for with Sedona City revenue. Hope they will long remember the occasion because if all goes as it should it will be their last.

    Please, oh please, let the plug be pulled to end the life of unsavory Sedona practices when voters mark their ballots in the next few weeks.

  9. Randall says:

    Heard a lot worse than that about (deleted by editor) at city hall. Get nonprofits to fall in line by handing out the carrots, reeled them in, then threatened to cut them off and just run those ballots through the auto-print Yes machines ……… LMAO

  10. Dana Varney says:

    Dana Varney You and 1 other manage the membership, moderators, settings, and posts for Greater Sedona ~ Quality of Life. Dana Varney A little known story on how the chamber first got the mega contract enriching them beyond belief. IMO & Based on what we’ve been told and know personally: Jennifer Wesselhoff and Steve Segner had to first collect enough signatures to submit to the city in order to at least appear that the people wanted this. So they did presentations to l’auberge and other hotels in order to collect signatures from hotel employees. Afraid for their jobs they of course signed on the dotted line. Funny thing is these employees are not sedona residents, I would venture to say that probably 90% are not. One hotel told me that only two of their employees are sedona residents.Then at the council meeting Jennifer received two hours to put on her presentation. During this presentation Jennifer stated that the Sedona residents contribute very minimally to the tax base. A slap in the face of all of us that contribute. This of course was a lie. Rebuttals were given three minutes. I’ll never forget Steve Segner’s statement “Trust me, Trust me.

  11. steve segner says:

    This is just BS and not one lick of it is true,
    Dana Said:Based on what we’ve been told and know personally: Jennifer Wesselhoff and Steve Segner had to first collect enough signatures to submit to the city in order to at least appear that the people wanted this. So they did presentations to l’auberge and other hotels in order to collect signatures from hotel employees. Afraid for their jobs they of course signed on the dotted line. Funny thing is these employees are not sedona residents,

    Dana Varney We went to the city council and said the hotel would like to up the bed tax .5% and the money to be used for marketing, that way the 480,000 the city spends on marketing can be saved, the city liked the idea took it from there and put the program is place after the city council vote.

    You say
    So they did presentations to l’auberge NO
    Collect enough signatures to submit to the city NO
    Jennifer Wesselhoff and Steve Segner had to first collect enough signatures NO
    Wow, they just makes this stuff up, look at this comment”
    Based on what we’ve been told and know personally….
    Ask your self why this couple,chased out of there business for being a pain in the ass to there neighbors is now doing the same to the city…..Not on thing they say in this post is true….. The .5% bed tax was asked to be put in place by the Hotels, to help save the city money and help all the business in sedona, it works, and 60%+ of the coty budget is paid for by visitors, Sedona is not a city of 9,000+ it is a city of 40,000+ with visitors and employees. Sedoana will grow , will grow and we can work on it now on in five years. The Sedona city budget for 2018 was lower then ther 2008 budget ….. 10 years and lower time to start working on fixing roads….

  12. Mike H says:

    The Sedona Chamber Of Commerce and greedy businesses don’t care about residents, all they care about is generating more traffic. The same businesses that falsely claim tourism employs 10,000 people in Sedona will lay off their hard working employees in a minute if business slows down. Those same businesses don’t care if their employees are stuck in traffic with the residents and day trippers. Cut the swamp off at the source, stop the city from giving away money that could have been used to make our town a better place to live. These tax parasites never mention that taxes can be LOWERED. You should be able to keep your own money.

    No to greed, no to the Sedona Chamber, No to Home Rule.

  13. IRS says:

    (Deleted by editor) is the IRS investigation (deleted by editor)

  14. Marty in Sedona says:

    Oh sure Chamber & Lodging Council (one & the same?) are running around like chickens with their heads chopped off (wishful thinking?) preaching the Chicken-Little theme of “the sky is falling (or will fall) if Home Rule isn’t passed. Non-profits will lose their funding, blah, blah, blah – when all they REALLY care about is whether or not unbridled use of a SEDONA CITY CREDIT CARD @Tony Tonsich will be snatched from their chicken claws.

    Even more interesting is maybe – just maybe another reason they are shaking in their chicken boots is because if the truth were known most of their members aren’t even voting residents of Sedona! How ya like them apples?

    Howevah, it might just be a good idea if after you mark your ballots just take another step and post them directly at the Post Office. Why would anyone trust the people at City Hall. What would prevent them from just taking the ballots, going through them, and – well you know?? Better to be safe than sorry cuz there won’t be any do-overs on this (at least for the flatlanders).

    Bottom line – the question remains about the controlling forces (members of the chamber of commerce) as to just how many of them are legitimate residents of incorporated Sedona and are eligible to vote here. Catch phrase: CONTROLLING FORCES. And incidentally those greedy takers are whining because they feel threatened if the Chamber loses that money-grabbing contract with the city they might have to consider advertising their own businesses themselves. Now ain’t that a novel idea – promoting your OWN products instead of using tax money that should rightfully be paying for improvements to your ever increasing crumbling infrastructure.

    By numbers those of us within City Limits simply must act or forever hold our peace. If not you stand to relinquish control to the outsiders and thus will reap what you sow. Socialism, increased decline in quality of life, and ongoing disrespect from the city council and staff who glorify the increasingly unpopular regional chamber of commerce and the control freaks of the lodging council.


  15. Tony Tonsich says:

    If you take ALL the bed tax you get 9% of the city income
    If you take ALL the sales tax you get 35% of the city income

    Total if residents paid NO sales tax 44%

    Tourists are about half the city expenses, Tourists are a net loser financially for the City.

    Vote No on Home Rule, No on incumbents.

  16. Get Real says:

    More lies from whoever is using steve segner’s name.

    Yes, signatures were collected as Dana described. They were presented to the City Council at the meeting when the 1/2 percent bed tax increase was under consideration for adoption. Increasing the bed tax became the plan after a important meeting for local businesses was held. This was the idea of Steve Segner and one City Council member. A one percent tax increase was advocated by SS in the beginning.

    Factual information about city budgets. “In the past, the city budget was set artificially high. For example, the FY 2008 budget was approved at $61 million. while only $28 million was actually expended. Under our new City Manager, Tim Ernster, who joined the city in 2009, our city budget much more realistically reflects the real anticipated costs of running the city every year.” Source: “Eye on Sedona Finances with Councilor Mike Ward,” June 27, 2012. By the way, Actual City Expenditures/Expenses in FY 2018 exceeded those in FY 2008 by 42 percent.

    According to the SEDONA COMMUNITY REPORT SPRING 2018’s Sedona Facts: “FY 2017 city revenues generated by sales & bed taxes . . .57%, two-thirds of which is paid by visitors.” That works out to 38%, folks

    More cars and traffic gridlock will be coming as a result of the following P& Z development projects: Marriott Residence Inn, 90 units; Village at Saddlerock Crossing/Oxford Hotel,126 units; Ambiente, 40 units. City government is non- inclusive and does not care about residents or their concerns.


  17. Steve segner says:

    Mike how can you lower taxes when you don’t pay any taxes there is no city property tax the sales tax 75% of that is paid by visitors if visitors drop then they’re going to have to raise your sewer taxes to make up the difference Jesus do some research. Sedona is a tourist town traffic is going to go up there’s no way to stop it we can fix it we can work on it but it’s not going away and nobody is being greedy with you greedy when you worked and made money business people are just trying to make a living and they have 10,000 employees they have to pay

  18. Sales Tax Bed Taxes are City Coffers says:

    Sales Tax Bed Taxes are City Coffers NOT a third party PRIVATE BUSINESS

    VOTE No on Home Rule.
    Stop the corruption

    It our MONEY let use it for improving the tourist experience, NOT GIFTING IT to the chamber

  19. Dana Varney says:

    Stevie is scared. The AG is coming to town. He has to make up lies to mask his fear. The fact is getting out of that building is the best thing that ever happened. The cost of doing business in this town is insane. And so is he.

  20. Eddie Maddock says:

    @Marty in Sedona

    It’s quite possible 501(c)(3) non-profits might have already risked more than they would should Home Rule be denied. Following is an e-mail from me to Sedona City Clerk Susan L. Irvine:

    From: Eddie Maddock
    Date: 7/24/2018 8:29:12 PM
    To: SIrvine@SedonaAZ.gov


    Hi Susan:

    Having just received the City of Sedona Publicity Pamphlet for the upcoming primary election August 28, 2018, it concerns me that several 501(c)(3) non-profits, translated to “all donations are tax-deductible,” have contributed letters supportive of the passage of Home Rule. To my recollection, over a period of time there’s been some confusion relating to the legality of 501(c)(3) organizations and their ability to participate in such a manner without jeopardizing their 501(c)(3) status. Reflecting back to the ballot issue(s) relating to the City of Sedona assuming ownership of W89A, such a conflict had been brought forth when Keep Sedona Beautiful declined to take a position claiming the reason being it would conflict with the terms of their non-profit and they could thus risk them losing the tax-deductible benefit.

    Clearly letters appear in this pamphlet from a number of tax-deductible non-profits including but not limited to a letter each from the Executive Vice President and President of Keep Sedona Beautiful, a letter from a Board Member of the Sedona Public Library, a solicitation on behalf of Sedona Recycles, as well as an entry from the current director of the Humane Society of Sedona, offered here as examples.

    My question to you is, does the City of Sedona have a responsibility to inform non-profits of the jeopardy they risk by taking political positions relating to election ballot measures? Of the many non-profit letters the City of Sedona has graciously published, they are submitted on behalf of specific organizations and are offered for the purpose of influencing voters to vote “yes” on Resolution No. 2018-11, Proposing an Extension of the Alternative Expenditure Limitation (Home Rule Option).

    Sorry to trouble you but I don’t know where else to go with this question.


    Eddie Maddock

  21. Inquiring Minds Want to Know says:

    If a charity does intervene in political campaigning, it will lose both its tax-exempt status and its eligibility to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions.

    In return for its favored tax-status, a charitable nonprofit promises the federal government that it will not engage in “political campaign activity” and if it does, IRS regulations mandate that the charitable nonprofit will lose its tax-exempt status.

    Report infractions directly to the IRS “Whistleblower” Program using this form.


  22. steve segner says:

    Eddie, My question to you is, does the City of Sedona have a responsibility to inform non-profits of the jeopardy they risk by taking political positions relating to election ballot measures? no 501c3 are allowed to educate … we checked you are wrong … good reporting …. loved red rock news trashing of Tony with it’s fact checking.
    anyone notice Eddie will not take a stand on home rule! but she does on every other issue in Sedona. Why….

  23. Eddie S. Maddock says:

    Subsequent to my inquiry to Susan Irvine I learned that political lobbying restrictions for 501(c)(3) non-profits during elections is limited to candidates only and NOT ballot measures.

    Therefore and even if in fact the previous inquiry to Susan Irvine has no merit it likewise has no bearing on my objection for non-profits to use a voter information pamphlet to lobby for approval of a ballot issue for which passage appears to be self-serving instead of beneficial to the public in general. Just an opinion, Folks.

  24. R Marvel says:

    @Steve Knock it off with your I’m a man about town groovy kind of guy comments because your not. Maddock didn’t REPORT anything but offered a transparent EMAiL to a city employee in the position of answering it. Your problem is you think it’s all about you running the show. We get it. Let’s see your EMAILS to city staff and council and lodging council. Then you might get some cred.

  25. Tony Tonsich says:

    Red Rock Fake News tried to refute some of my points in the mayoral debate.

    Anyone who wants the geology report showing the City does not know where the “treated ” waste water goes please contact me. The Red Rock Fake News says “This treated water can take decades to filter through the ground before entering the aquifer, which is several miles downstream from where Sedona’s wells draw water.”

    In essence, the City and the Fake Red Rock News feels it is OK to pollute, because it may take a few decades, maybe, before Page Springs, Cornville and Cottonwood might be affected. Of course, Sedona also, because they really don’t know. On what planet is this OK? THIS IS A CRIME. Against our home and our planet.

    Please. Now you know. If you do nothing you take the responsibility for not standing up against these crimes.

    Will you turn away, because your favorite non profit might lose some of their grant? Most non profits did quite well before there was a City. What does that say about you if you look away?

    Honesty? Character? Truth? Sustainability? Karma is unavoidable. Vote Wisely.

    No on Home Rule. No to incumbents.

  26. Warren Woodward says:

    Injected sewer water can end up anywhere. The County of Maui is still in trouble (as in lawsuit $ trouble) with the EPA many, many years after divers discovered the water oozing out just offshore and causing environmental havoc, something that wasn’t supposed to happen according to the brainiacs who thought it was a brilliant idea.

    I gave that plus much, much more information on the subject to Council years ago when the first injection well was being considered. Council member Barbara Litrell was the only one who voted no. City engineer Mosely was so stupid that, when I told him about the estrogen mimickers present in treated sewer water, he said he knew about that but that “it only affects the lower life forms, amphibians.” Really!

    Mosely, the RRFN, the Council members who voted for it, and anyone else who thinks treated sewer water is OK to thrown down a well need to lead by example and have it piped directly to their houses.

    Injecting sewer water is environmental vandalism. Period. And as Mr. Natural said, “He who sh*ts in the road will meet with flies upon his return.”

  27. Richard S says:

    Yea ok Tony T (deleted by editor)

  28. Marcie says:

    @steve segner. For such a smart-mouthed, know-it-all, just why is it you aren’t running for Mayor of Sedona? Even though we all know your grand estate is in Oak Creek Canyon, and you’ve commented about traffic into Sedona on your way to your place of business, you claim to be registered to vote in Sedona. So what’s the deal? Why aren’t you running for Mayor or City Council, Stevie boy???

  29. Arizona Elections 18 PAC, Inc. says:

    Arizona Elections 18 PAC, Inc.

    Who is really paying for these adds?

    Business or Non profit or both?
    Arizona Elections 18 PAC, Inc.


    Director CONNIE SEGNER 95 PORTAL LN, SEDONA, AZ, 86336, USA 8/14/2017 8/15/2017
    Director STEVE SEGNER 95 PORTAL LN, SEDONA, AZ, 86336, USA 8/14/2017 8/15/2017
    President STEVE SEGNER 95 PORTAL LN, SEDONA, AZ, 86336, USA 8/14/2017 8/15/2017
    Secretary CONNIE SEGNER 95 PORTAL LN, SEDONA, AZ, 86336, USA 8/14/2017 8/15/2017
    Treasurer CONNIE SEGNER 95 PORTAL LN, SEDONA, AZ, 86336, USA 8/14/2017 8/15/2017

  30. NOW PLAYING:the one man show says:



    Director CONNIE SEGNER 95 PORTAL LN, SEDONA, AZ, 86336, USA 8/14/2017 8/15/2017
    Director STEVE SEGNER 95 PORTAL LN, SEDONA, AZ, 86336, USA 8/14/2017 8/15/2017
    President STEVE SEGNER 95 PORTAL LN, SEDONA, AZ, 86336, USA 8/14/2017 8/15/2017
    Secretary CONNIE SEGNER 95 PORTAL LN, SEDONA, AZ, 86336, USA 8/14/2017 8/15/2017
    Treasurer CONNIE SEGNER 95 PORTAL LN, SEDONA, AZ, 86336, USA 8/14/2017 8/15/2017

    Entity Known Place of Business
    Attention: Address: 95 PORTAL LN, SEDONA, AZ, 86336, USA County: Yavapai

  31. Steve segner says:

    Hope this answered your questions sedona actually under spending the last 10 years I put the charts up for you to see yourself

  32. Steve segner says:

    Marcie. Asked why Steve Segner isn’t running for mayor the answer is we have a great mayor now and I’m supporting her hope that answers your question and yes I am a registered voter in Sedona
    I noticed Tony got caught lying at the mayors interviews red rock News called him on his BS and his non-scientific comments red rock news back them up with state regulations but of course Tony has a smart neighbor who knows more

  33. Eddie Maddock says:

    Say what? How can Portal Lane be in Yavapai County? It serves as an entrance to Tlaquepaque which to my knowledge was established and remains in Coconino County. Did Steve Segner even manage to have that changed too – as he seems to succeed in changing many things in Sedona?

  34. Question Steve says:

    I thought you live up the canyon on Thomas Road? How can you vote in Sedona?

  35. Joe T says:

    Seems to me like Steve Segner does ALOT for Sedona … Everyone else here responding with negative comments seem to enjoy complaining…

    Way to go steve….keep on keeping on.. Don’t listen to the small minded naysayers.
    They are and will continue to be a small minority..
    No worrys

  36. West Sedona Dave says:

    @ Eddie

    Please look at a map….as long back as I remember Tlaquepaque has always been in Sedona proper?…..And if you remember it was the city that approved the North development…So are you being disingenuous on purpose?…..I thought you were one of the more level headed ones around here?…..Guess not.

  37. Robert says:

    There is a real absence of knowledge here about the law and science. Eddie you admitted you were wrong but why attack people in the first plac?. If you dont like home rule or a candidate argue your point based on facts. Going after the people who take care of our lost pets, who keep Sedona clean, and take care of recyciing is tacky and small minded, and shame on you for doing it. What in the world makes you so angry at the world? Instead of trolling people online from your couch why dont you show up at a city council meeting and engage in democracy? Saying “they won’t listen to me” is a lame excuse.

    Woodwards reply about Maui is completely wrong. Two seconds on the internet will show you that Maui injected contaminated water into the ground not A plus water like Sedona does. Thats not me saying it that is an official court record and Sedona’s injected water is checked and certified by the state. Do your homework.

    There is nothing wrong with being in a minority opinion group but if you are and you are trying to make your case, do your homework and educate yourself on the law and science first.


    Go look at Coconino website boundary line to get your answer. The paperwork , should it be completely filled out?
    Blocks are not checked. It is incomplete. Consult with the County. or both….

  39. Eddie Maddock says:

    Excuse me @West Sedona Dave. The “greater” Sedona area is just that – an area in the broadest sense encompassing the Village of Oak Creek, Upper and Lower Red Rock Loops, and even, to an extent, Oak Creek Canyon.

    Then we have incorporated Sedona. That area is specifically defined in another article on SedonaEye entitled Sedona City Limits 101: http://sedonaeye.com/sedona-city-limits-101-with-eddie-maddock/

    Greater Sedona area (which includes incorporated Sedona) is situated in TWO counties: Yavapai and Coconino. What’s being disingenuous about stating a fact?

    West Sedona (from approximately Airport Road) is in Yavapai County. Uptown Sedona, including Tlaquepaque and the north development are located in Coconino County.

    The county line zig-zags. For example the airport is in Yavapai. There is a 179 subdivision, Yavapino Estates, which by name indicates the division of the two counties. Chapel Area is in Coconino County. May I suggest you take another look at your map or else get a new one. Maybe from the Chamber of Commerce?

    It’s surprising you aren’t aware Sedona is divided by two counties since other comments you’ve posted on SedonaEye have indicated you are extremely knowledgeable about everything Sedona.

  40. Warren Woodward says:

    @ Robert — Woodward’s comment about Maui is not “entirely wrong.” The point was that no one can say where injected sewer water will end up or how long it will take to get there (RRFN had claimed “decades”).

    As for the Maui sewer water being worse quality, if you think Sedona sewer water is so great then why don’t you drink it for a few years and report back.

  41. Judy Rogers says:

    My vote goes to Eddie Maddock in this exchange for pulling off a win against Sedona Fake News trolls! Voting NO in this house.

  42. West Sedona Dave says:

    @ Eddie

    Do you intentionally beat dead horses?…..We have been over this before….Look at any Chamber, many members are not in same city, or even county!…..Go take a peek at Cottonwoods chamber……Did you know Cottonwoods Chamber has some Sedona members?……………..You probably do, but you rather throw out the dumb card?…..Really?

    You people chase parked cars, and call it news!

    Again to all the haters, life is good, be happy you dont have any diseases!….Negativity and ignorance is no way to go through life! But you are making it an art form!

  43. Eddie Maddock says:

    @Robert – You are correct about one thing. “There is a real absence of knowledge here about the law and science.”

    There is no valid reason to believe any worthwhile non-profits will lose legitimate funding in the event voters give Home Rule a thumbs down. The source of that rumor is being attributed to the alleged non-profit Chamber of Commerce receiving annually probably more money from the City of Sedona than all other 501(c)(3) charities in Sedona. How does $2.5 Million in one year grab you? And since you presumably are an authority on the law and science, you surely must be aware of the difference between the incorporation status of 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(6) non-profits. If not, contributions donated to Sedona Recycles, Humane Society, Library, etc. = 501(c)(3) are tax-deductible. Member dues and contributors to the Chamber of Commerce 501(c)(6) are NOT tax-deductible.

    Furthermore, you have NO idea how much money I donate to non-profits of my choice. But I can assure you, the officials of those specific organizations DO know – and that, Sir, is what’s important to me. And as a matter of fact, a recent exchange with a board member of one of those charities clarified the letter that person submitted to the voter pamphlet was meant as a personal endorsement for the ballot issue. However, after realizing as I pointed out the connection made with a particular 501(c)(3) specifically included in that letter, it misdirected the purpose of a personal endorsement. As a result that person actually thanked me which, if for no other reason, justified my e-mail to Susan Irvine in the first place.

    It’s curious how others became so angry about the e-mail to Susan Irvine since it didn’t seem to bother her a bit. For the record, the following is her response:

    ——-Original Message——-

    From: Susan Irvine
    Date: 7/25/2018 8:39:01 AM
    To: eddies

    Hi Eddie,

    We do not offer legal advice to anyone filing an argument for a publicity pamphlet.

    Susan L. Irvine, CMC
    City Clerk
    City of Sedona
    Email: SIrvine@SedonaAZ.gov

    How about considering another point of view, Robert? For example, in the event Home Rule fails is there any doubt good people will continue to rally and support their favorite charities? And in the event perhaps what some people consider to be the biggest blight on Sedona, the regional Chamber of Commerce, should lose their controversial contract with the City of Sedona and thus Sedona retains well over $2 million annually, just a portion of that money might easily suggest ample funding for maintaining the services provided by those non-profits residents truly believe are worthy of their support. Curiously at a recent public forum Mayor Moriarty acknowledged that with or without advertising Sedona will attract tourists. Why? Because it’s a beautiful place and happened to have been “discovered” long before most of us heard about it. What better reason to cancel the Chamber contract with or without Home Rule and use that money where it’s actually needed?

    One last question, Robert. Is there a particular reason you refrain from using your full name or, otherwise, true identity? And you write of law, science, anger, and democracy. What about transparency?

  44. M Mallon says:

    For those who attended the Home Rule debate last night, The Editor of the Red Rock Fake News was there. As most people know, when in business you want to dress for your next position. In the case of Graham Cracker the next position he is dressing for would be a homeless man on a street corner. I wonder if he stole that hat from a mule in some farmyard. It is strangely appropriate.

  45. Eddie Maddock says:

    @West Sedona Dave. Although you not so cleverly attempted to divert my response to the comment you made July 27, 2018 at 6:09 AM which subject had nothing to do with the Chamber of Commerce but, specifically, was related to the fact Sedona is encompassed by two counties, perhaps it’s because you still don’t understand? Otherwise why would you reply to what otherwise was a non-issue?

    However since you did open up the topic of the regional Chamber of Commerce which just happens to have it’s offices in Sedona, how would you feel if City of Sedona were to cancel the contract with them and instead funnel the current annual $2.5 million dollars into infrastructure and even consider increases to valid charitable non-profits such as the Humane Society, Sedona Recycles, Library, and others?

    It might be interesting to know how many people might actually rally around supporting Home Rule if the city council with staff support were to guarantee the voting residents they will do away with the Chamber contract once and for all. Then if at some point they deem an advertising campaign is necessary they will either do it in-house or hire an official Destination Marketing Agency which the Chamber is NOT. Just by recently tacking on the identification of Tourism Bureau did not an does not make it so.

    If the best the C of C can do out of their own fear of being tossed off the gravy train is threaten honorable charitable non-profits with loss of funding in the event Home Rule fails to be approved, how pathetic is that? Do you and others really believe bullying legitimate 501(c)(3) charitable causes, and although it might unfortunately be effective, is it to be admired?

    This regional C of C has many members outside City Limits, city tax non- contributors. And why should anyone care, including myself? What does matter is they have enough money thrown at them in one year that could be put to better use than squandering in the manner that appears to have angered more than just a few people over the past few years. And when our highly respected Mayor, Sandy Moriarty, goes on public record to confirm Sedona will continue to have adequate tourists visit here without additional promotion, wherein lies justification to continue with such a blatant waste of valuable municipal funding?

    Seriously, the decision will be made by the voters and, hopefully, not based on idle threats without merit. My suspicion would be a promise of cancellation of the Chamber contract would serve to cinch approval of Home Rule but, of course, that ain’t gonna happen.

    My this went much further, Mr. West Sedona Dave, than a mere squabble about whether or nor Portal Lane is even located within a county in Arizona – any county – as your first message appeared to insinuate.

  46. Mike H says:

    Graham Cracker (deleted by editor)

  47. Steve Segner says:

    great reporting
    Sedona Red Rock NewsLike Page
    1 hr
    The Senate Bill 1487 complaint filed against the city of Sedona for its destination marketing contract with the Sedona Chamber of Commerce did not originate with Arizona Sen. Judy Burges [R-District 22], the senator who filed it. Instead, it came to her from Arizona Rep. Bob Thorpe [R-District 6], who represents Sedona. (deleted by editor)
    “Sen. Burges has agreed to file a SB1487 complaint concerning possible finan­cial / economic impropri­eties between the City of Sedona and the Sedona Chamber of Commerce. The below text has been reviewed by council and should not require any additional editing. Please use the below text (as is) to develop and file a SB1487 complaint with the Attorney General’s office as soon as possible, and please include in the filing the attached supporting docu­ments. Of course, ask Sen. Burges to review the complaint prior to filing it with the AG. Many thanks, Rep Bob Thorpe. Cell: 928-310-8811.”

  48. Susan says:

    Why do you guys even read that rag? Are you bored? Silliest rag O’ve ever seen – that chamber must be paying them a small fortune.

  49. @Susan says:

    Did you happen to catch the number of byline articles featuring Jennifer Wesselhoff, Chamber CEO? Not to mention the full page C of C advertising and tons of $$$$ being spent to FRRN by Steve Segner’s PAC. Interesting term ….. PAC. “Plotting Against City of Sedona Residents?”

  50. John, VOC says:

    Great REPORTING? For the person who SENT it to them? You mean the PERSON who filed the complaint?

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