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Distraught Suicidal Veteran Rescued

Veterans Crisis LineSedona AZ (July 29, 2015) – On July 25, 2015, at 4:35 in the afternoon, the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office in Flagstaff, Arizona, received a call from a concerned third party that a Kachina Village resident was making suicidal statements. While deputies were responding to the home, information was obtained that the presence of CCSO deputies could further aggravate the distraught man who was armed with multiple firearms.

Deputies established a safe perimeter around the home. From this staged area, CCSO reached out to family members and friends of the man in an attempt to resolve the situation peacefully. Deputies were able to meet with the man’s father who telephoned and asked his son to come out of the house. The telephone call ended without success.

During this time, CCSO deputies learned the man in crisis was a military veteran with combat deployments overseas. Deputies located a local veteran who called and tried to talk the man into a peaceful resolution, also to no avail.

At 8:30 p.m., deputies received information the man may have ingested a large number of prescription medications. Multiple attempts to contact him by telephone were unsuccessful. CCSO utilized thermal imaging equipment from the Highlands Fire Department in an attempt to determine the man’s location inside the home. At 9:53 p.m., deputies entered the house and discovered him unresponsive on the living room couch while holding a loaded semi-automatic pistol against his chest. A loaded high caliber rifle was on the floor next to the couch.

Deputies secured the weapons and immediately began rendering aid to the unconscious and unresponsive man. Highlands Fire Department Medical Personnel and Guardian medics, who had remained at a nearby safe location, responded.

Guardian transported the unconscious man to the Flagstaff Medical Level 1 Trauma Center where he was treated and later regained consciousness. It is believed he will survive.

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  1. This is how cops are supposed to act on behalf of us not against us. Pay attention other AZ law enforcement & measure up to these guys. Why do I think it would have been treated with tear gas & swat teams by other areas?? Because it would have.


    Hey there buddy, get help. You reached out. Now accept the help out there & work on getting better. We’re with you man.

  2. This man needs to ask and receive God Almighty.

  3. David, VOC says:

    There’s been many movies and docudramas depicting the Pearl Harbor attack. Most, particularly, the ones supposedly based on fact, showed short quips of a couple of P-40 pilots getting airborne and shooting down Jap planes. But I, for one, never had seen the true story and more detailed info on who these two pilots were and their actions and associated events while airborne. https://www.youtube.com/embed/zS8HWFWaqa4

  4. Average 22 vets kill themselves each day, reach out & thanks for publishing Hotline numbers. Folks need to share it & maybe it’ll save a life. Coconino deputies deserve a heroes award for saving this man.

  5. As a Canadien resident I find this sadly American.

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