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Deputy Arrives Just in Time to Save a Life

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Sedona AZ (October 9, 2016) – On October 6, 2016, just after 6:00 in the evening, Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office deputies were dispatched to Rome Way in Paulden, Arizona, regarding a suicidal male in his early twenties. A friend of the subject had received a cell phone text from the despondent man about an hour prior, and was attempting to talk him out of hurting himself. At one point, the subject would not answer further calls, so his friend contacted YCSO due to concern for his well-being.

yavapai county sheriff's office logoAbout twelve minutes later, the first deputy arrived on scene, entered the home and had to force his way into a bedroom through a locked door. The subject was found on the floor and not breathing with several belts wrapped tightly around his neck, in an apparent attempt to asphyxiate himself. The deputy removed the belts, began administering CPR and, after a few moments, the subject started breathing. EMS personnel eventually arrived and the subject was transported to YRMC for further treatment and is expected to survive. Based on the condition of the subject when found, the timely call to YCSO and the expedited arrival of the deputy very likely saved the man’s life.

Deputies learned the subject was upset regarding issues involving his girlfriend and their children, and indicated he was just “tired of living” and “couldn’t take it anymore.”

Sheriff Scott Mascher has complimented the deputy for his dedication to duty resulting in a life saved. He appreciates everyone at YCSO, from dispatchers to deputies, who continue to provide a 24/7 commitment of service to residents across Yavapai County in times of need.

Citizens can contact the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office with information or questions at 928-771-3260
or the YCSO website at www.ycsoaz.gov.

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Read www.SedonaEye.com for daily news and interactive views!

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  1. Bill Hesse, Indigo CAL + visitor says:

    Appreciate good story, a positive about what police and law enforcement do every hour of every day working, bad cops need to go now but good cops are worth our country”s support and generosity. Thank you deputy for being a good citizen and officer. You and others are unsung heros in my book.

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