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Democrats and Republicans It’s Time to Speak Up

Sedona AZ (May 14, 2011)-In a Letter to the Editor, Liz Smith of Save Sedona Now, an organization backing the 89A Route Transfer Referendum initiative, sent the following and the Sedona Eye welcomes article comments and rebuttals:

Dear Editor: At the urging of a few city council members, Angela LeFevre, president of DORR (Democrats of the Red Rocks) sent an email to members stating that the referendum and initiative petition volunteers were “unethical” in their conduct and that the people of Sedona should not have a right to vote in a Referendum.

How sad that the president of the local Democrats does not even know our constitutional rights! Local Republicans must be howling-the Dems are objecting to a popular vote! (Seems to be just too much democracy for Ms. LeFevre).

A referendum is the purest form of democracy. It is a constitutional right “reserved for the people” in the Arizona constitution. It is the citizens’ last resort when the elected public officers will not listen. (LeFevre goes on to state a plethora of lies in order to try to stop the vote of the people on Hwy 89A (even though 265% of the required signatures were filed).

What lengths will Councilors Litrell and Hamilton go to in their quest to squelch the will of the people of Sedona? Why would our elected officials bring out their special interest groups to do the dirty work for them? Why not support our constitution and simply allow the vote to precede so all residents can vote and give a clear directive on ownership of Hwy 89A? How profoundly sad that the people ELECTED in a democratic process now work so hard to stop democracy in action!

How sad that the city council has fought so hard to deny the residents their constitutional right to a vote. At last week’s council meeting they even rejected setting a date for the Referendum election. The date must be set so what are they trying to do next?

But there is GOOD NEWS! Their intentional disinformation has got them nowhere; they can complain all they want. The RESIDENTS OF SEDONA have spoken and in just over two weeks nearly 1,200 of them signed petitions. We will have the right to vote on the Referendum.

Thank goodness by constitutional law they cannot stop the vote. When the council decision to take over Hwy 89A is overturned by a vote of the people in the Referendum election our city will be assured protection of our dark skies and be spared:

  • Added Bond Debt

  • City of Sedona property tax

  • Further cuts to city funded programs like our Library and service groups

  • Added fees to our sewer and building permits

  • Closure of city parks

  • Continued delay of Local Street and road maintenance

Keep the faith, Sedona citizens! You will get your chance to have your say this coming November. Well, that’s assuming the council does set an election date.

Liz Smith, Save Sedona Now

 Time to Speak Up!

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  1. Ann says:

    Angela LeFevre is running for City Council. Yep. Go Angie! See you at the Old Sedona Grill to show your support at our next scheduled breakfast meeting (summer schedule in effect). Liz Smith if you exist and we don’t believe it, be sure to show up. We’ll tell you face to face what we think. (didn’t read this till the sheriff (Babeu) piece & don’t know how I missed it or would’ve said something earlier supporting Angela, Barbara and Hamilton)

    Please just sign me as Ann, a fan.

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