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Dear Editor: Sedona Prayer Vigil

DORR President Angela LeFevre speaking at local fundraiser

Dear SedonaEye.com Editor,

I wanted to inform you of a vigil which will take place this Wednesday, January 12th 2011, at 5.30 pm at the corner of 89A and Coffeepot – moving on to The Sedona Center.  The vigil is in response to the unspeakable violence which occurred in Tucson this past Saturday, and which has sickened us all. 

As a political Club, Democrats of the Red Rocks, wants to extend its reach to all of Sedona and say ENOUGH! We want to show our care for this community and we want everyone to come out and join us, sing with us and pray with us.  Candles will be provided, and a minister from the inter-faith group here will give a short prayer. 

We hope your paper will help pass out this information and come out and join us.  Sunday was a sad sad day for democracy but let’s hope that this horrible violence can clear peoples’ visions and bring some sanity to our state.  Hatred has no place in our society.

Angela LeFevre
Democrats of the Red Rocks
Sedona Arizona

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  1. Sedona City Coffeepot Business says:

    Since this is a planned march, are permits required? And this vigil would have more credibility if it was a joint effort on behalf of the Republican and Democrat and Independent and Green and all other political clubs otherwise it is more of the same one-sided messaging. We expect traffic not to be impeded.

    Let’s hear the Mayor and city council weigh in on the permit issue please. Will the city council be at this event?

  2. Arizona Democrat says:

    Look up the definition of “opportunist” and find the names of most news organizations, news reporters, and those who think they can benefit in any way from the misfortunes of others. The blogs reflect not a search for truth but a walk through triteville.

    This article offers evidence of such a walk, an opportunity, and does a disservice to Democrats in this state. WHY a vigil in a public place? On a street in SEDONA? Opportunism is alive and well upstate.

    Interesting that the majority of Americans do not think that the lunatic shooter had a political idea in his airhead but was a textbook psychopath that fixated on a person who crossed his path. Gabby is a victim of lunacy and its ease of access to a weapon of mass destruction.

    Many of this lunatic’s classmates at Pima CC were deathly afraid of him and count themselves lucky he didn’t bring a weapon to the campus. Whether it was the people in front of Safeway or students in school, this insane lunatic (I refuse to give him the benefit of writing his name and suggest it of others so copycats know the oblivion of insane acts) was just a hair trigger for others demise.

    We decry the violence against the people in front of Safeway (why is the death of the little girl, other hardworking people and the judge given lesser importance than Gabby?), but people that hold a candlelight vigil and who do not engage in the real roll up the sleeves work of America are opportunists. Where is the public proclamation of reformation?

    Better that everyone hold meetings with statewide politicans and demand that a cleaning of all political houses of foul language, rhetorical behaviorism, aggressive political surliness be completed, not merely initiated, and begin to embrace true democratic ideals and performing duties honestly and ethically.

    That’s what Gabrielle Giffords tried to do as a moderate politican but no lesser did the people who were visiting her table exercise the rights of America. So if this vigil goes forward, it needs to be conducted civilly and held in ALL the victims names without one being more important than another.

    This horrific loss was about more than politics, and it certainly wasn’t about political parties. Sorry folks, but it’s not the time for opportunists scorecards.

    R. G.
    Chandler AZ


    Kudos to DORR for spearheading this spotlight on the Congresswoman’s shooting. It’s time that Sarah Palin and her ilk realize that this event was caused by the Republicans! Who else will be killed???? To all you Fox News lovers count yourselves as responsible.

  4. 1960's Idealist says:

    Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.

    His death was about politics, Enough is Enough is Enough. The Tucson shooting was not.

    I hope you never have access to a gun.


  5. J. Rick Normand says:

    To Enough is Enough is Enough:

    ABC News gathered victims and eyewitnesses of the attack for its weekly town hall meeting with anchor Christiane Amanpour.

    Most of the event was calm, although emotional, as witnesses talked of what they saw on that fateful day but there was an incident. Toward the end of the meeting, when the topic of gun control and mental health came up, one audience member who is a tea party activist said that discussions on the political implications of the shooting should wait until emotions have settled. That’s when 63-year-old Eric Fuller, a Democratic Party activist who was wounded in the knee during the shooting, began to get increasingly agitated.

    Fuller ended up taking a photo of the tea party activist, muttering “You’re dead.” He was detained for making threats and intimidation and, according to the LA Times, was “involuntarily committed for a psychiatric evaluation.”

    So, I think it fair to say… “that’ll be enough from you to!”

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