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Dear Editor: Dan Neimy, Street Maintenance

Superintendent, Dept. of Public Works with attention to the City Manager and City Council members:

Subject: Rain

Hi Dan:

Brace yourself (as you all sit in anticipation wondering what “she’s” griping about now) . . . the answer to that is “nothing“. This is just to let you know that the corrections made to the culvert, SE corner of my property, in addition to cleaning out the channel to the property next door appear to be functioning nicely. This is the first substantial rain we’ve had since last September and, although not quite of the magnitude as those back-to-back downpours, I think it served as a pretty good test to the expertise of the Public Works Department.
Thank you so much for a job well done. (Don’t let word out that I said something nice about the city.)
Eddie Maddock


  1. Rob Adams, Sedona says:

    I think I am in shock!

    Rob Adams, Mayor
    City of Sedona
    102 Roadrunner Dr.
    Sedona AZ. 86336
    (928) 204-7191 Office
    (928) 282-5671 Fax

  2. Dan McIIroy, Sedona says:


    Thank you for the kind words. We don’t get enough of them. Dan

    ST.com Editor’s Note: Dan McIIroy is a Sedona City Councilor.

  3. Dan Neimy says:

    Hi Eddie,

    Thanks for sending an email in appreciation of the work that the Public Works Department is doing. It is always nice to receive feedback on how we are performing and meeting the needs of the public.


    Dan Neimy
    City Maintenance Superintendent
    Department of Public Works
    City of Sedona
    102 Roadrunner Drive
    Sedona, Arizona 86336

  4. Mark diNunzio, Sedona says:

    I love your sense of humor. I’m sure Dan N. appreciated your email. It was very kind of you to take the time to write.

    Regards, Mark d.

    ST.com Editor’s note: Mark diNunzio is a Sedona City Councilor.

  5. Mike Preston says:

    Hey, Dan, how about putting in a new “No Parking” sign/removing the protruding (signpost support) breakaway device (since no sign is being utilized there) or painting the 4″ high breakaway with a bright-colored paint/mark the spot, so this does not cause a flat tire or other hazard as it’s already done!

  6. Mike Preston says:

    I prematurely hit the Submit button without providing you the location. It’s located on a gravel turnout (south-bound lane) on State Route 89A just south of the Sedona City limit sign at Midgley bridge.

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