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CVS Development Update

Article submitted by City of Sedona AZ

Article submitted by City of Sedona AZ

Sedona AZ (September 1, 2016) – The CVS Pharmacy development at the intersection of SR 89A and Airport Road, Sedona, will begin construction of a right turn lane on Highway 89A beginning Tuesday, September 6, 2016. Lane restrictions will be in effect during working hours from 6:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. and continue through Wednesday, September 7, 2016.

During construction of the right turn lane, traffic will be restricted to one eastbound Highway 89A lane, between Soldiers Pass Road and the CVS Pharmacy development near the intersection of Airport Road and Highway 89A.

“The addition of the right turn lane will allow safe entry and exit at the CVS Pharmacy from Highway 89A and reduce traffic impact on the already busy Airport Road,” said Ryan Mortillaro, assistant engineer, city of Sedona Public Works Department.

The city of Sedona and the Arizona Department of Transportation worked collaboratively with CVS Pharmacy to provide the best possible approach in minimizing the impact the development would pose.

Motorists are encouraged to observe all traffic control devices, and to proceed with caution through the work area. The city of Sedona Public Works Department appreciates the patience and understanding of our residents, businesses, and visitors as these transportation improvements are made. For more information on this project, contact 928-203-5091.

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  1. Bob on Jordan Road says:

    Appreciate notification from City Hall. Just how many employees are there in that building? Seems always different names. I’ll avoid the area.

  2. Steve segner says:

    Hay everyone the cvs came out nice after all
    Seems the city council was correct on this.

  3. Haney & Nicola Pietro says:

    Hi to the lucky people who live here. A nice man has opened this comment area for us after a get acquainted while waiting time. We are in Hideaway restaurant & from NY (upstate not city) & we had a conversation in this lobby waiting for a table & we said about driving from the Bell Rock (he told us where we were after we described it) to here (randomly chose). He is saying that he reads all the time but never comments and it’s like the NYPost. We don’t know this but rely on his judgment. The traffic was bad but we wanted to say we didn’t mind because the scenery was spectacular, the other cars were patient, it was a grand sight all the way. Thank you Sedona for being beautiful like we heard. We will enjoy our two days here on way to Phoenix from Grand Canyon. We will be back. We envy those who live here. H&NP

  4. @steve Segner says:

    Thank you, Steve Segner, for your diligence in keeping the legitimate residents of the City of Sedona informed and up to date.

    The one thing, however, missing from your frequent comments is that you are not speaking for all of us. Have you ever given thought to including with your profound input that it is your opinion that is being expressed, and unlike elected officials you do not represent all of us. Although at times and more frequently the city council is also taking advantage of their elected positions and overstepping.

    Has anyone in particular authorized you to be the official spokesperson for Sedona Residents Living within City Limits? There’s an article someplace on Sedona Eye that clearly defines those limitations in case you are not familiar with the boundaries.

    Thanks – appreciate this forum
    David, Incorporated Sedona Resident

  5. clarissa says:

    @”Steve segner says:

    September 4, 2016 at 2:05 am

    Hay everyone the cvs came out nice after all
    Seems the city council was correct on this.

    For you to think that what you wrote is true then I’ve a swamp to sell you! I’s the ugliest building in town and the worst mistake for development review that P&Z and Council have let get developed….

    ……….And Steve segner : “Hay” as you wrote is for horses….Hey would have been the correct spelling but since you think CVS is great I surely do understand your lack of ability to spell.

  6. CVS says:

    With due respect for those that object to CVS, I happen to be one that will embrace the opportunity to avoid the Coffee Pot intersection. Not only that but Walgreen’s consistently is out of stock on many items, so competition isn’t always a bad thing.

    As for the design, again IMO, the building, as promised, is low profile, blending in nicely with the surroundings. It remains to be seen what the effect will be at night with lighting, etc. However, keep in mind something much, much worse could have legitimately gone in on that corner.

    Three cheers for CVS and the opportunity to avoid W89A & Coffee Pot!:-)

  7. Cottonwood professional says:

    CVS is architecturally minimally passable with points for elevation and it’s never going to be in an appropriate commercial area. Don’t try and avoid those facts. It’s in a residential area when West Sedona had dozens of better sites but not sites with property owners owed favors or special nods. Dave B and others I’d be more than a little POd at this Council middle finger aimed at you. Keep sending that wastewater down and see what other properties get rattled and rolled. Yee Haw ride the Teutonic shift waves!

  8. West Sedona Dave says:

    Yes Mr. Cottonwood professional…..
    It would of looked so much better had they stuck to the plan and built one just like in Cottonwood……It would be a gem!…Just another big box store.

    You may like to take the time and see how much was built on residential land, and that 3 1/2 acres of open space created….

    The corner was and still is commercial……I was hoping for a topless bar, and a gun range……..Instead its a CVS….We cant always get what we want, but I do expect my officials make sure that its respectable, no matter what is built!

  9. Speaking of Ulgy says:

    The grand prize for ugly IMO should go to that Mariposa place down the road from CVS. OMG – all the AC equipment etc. is what’s in view to driver’s going east. A horrible distraction from the beautiful red rock backdrop. But of course the pricey menu at this hideous monstrosity maybe somehow justifies the design? Who knows?

  10. West Sedona Dave says:

    Yes Ugly,
    That abandoned teal blue building was so much easier on the eyes, and really helped our economy out didnt it?

  11. @Cottonwood professional says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I think that CVS should have stuck with the original plan of building that box store just like the one in Cottonwood along with those 20 houses. It would have looked so much better. Then CVS would have had the distinction of being the first box store in Sedona. Those existing neighbors like Mrs Sh-a who wanted those 20 houses could have used some new friends.

    And to West Sedona Dave, a Topless bar??? I would have loved that!!

  12. @Speaking of Ugly says:

    OMG you’re so right! Those many awards that Mariposa won for beautiful architecture and the thousands of dollars in sales tax generated each year from that horrible building mean nothing and are probably just made up stories by the chamber of commerce anyway.

    The old teal falling down real estate central building did so much to make our city look so appealing. We were much better off back then and had a lot to be proud of!

  13. @CVS says:

    Walgreens is on the corner of 89A and SUNSET. (Obviously a newbie to Sedona – doesn’t know the name of the roads.)

    Damn ugly building. Damn ugly circumstances. My best friend lives right above it – I will miss the deer who once lived in the culvert there.

    Walgreens is not doing well. They have already announced closures of many stores. Why CVS just couldn’t come in and buy them out is beyond me. Why the city thought putting CVS in such an ecologically sensitive place is also beyond me.

    Hopefully we will get some real considerate folks in council and hopefully they will listen, rather than dictate to the citizens.

  14. PC says:

    What awards? The Kudos award, you know the ones pasted on walls for highest paid advertisers like “best advertisement dollars received to print an award award”?

    Let me agree though it’s a beautiful building when you approach from the front. The crystal door might not be practical to keep out cold/hot but it looks damn good and the view is magnificent. The food doesn’t win any award from me. The drinks don’t win any award from me. But that view is magnificent. Give credit where it’s due. Dahl paid out a lot of cash for that Sedona improvement. Give her credit where it’s due.

  15. @PC says:

    Suggest you check your source of awards. I believe it is the darling of the chamber of commerce, Red Rock News, who so masterfully arranges for the Lisa Dahl empire to sweep their annual “contest” (wink, wink). NOT Kudos!

    And, let’s face it, beauty IS in the eye of the beholder. In Sedona the beauty of the almighty $$$$ rules supreme.

  16. Wsr says:

    “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder….in Sedona the beauty of the almighty dollar rules supreme”

    Gues what that’s the way the whole world works

    Also someone bought that property , came up with a plan to develop it….and did it..
    Wasn’t anybody’s piece of property but theirs…. Get over it…. Crybabys and complainers

  17. @@PC says:

    These awards are displayed inside the restaurant you just have to look inside to see them but you most likely won’t spend the bucks to have a 5 Star meal with 10 Star views. Not CoC, Not Kudos No Winkie Winkie. These are awards from national architect associations.

  18. GM says:

    CVS looks better after they painted that ugly strip mall brick pattern. What’s with all the NEON SIGNS on the 89A Strip & that hideous car wash signage/TURN OFF YOUR DAMN SIGNS BUSINESSES DURING OFF HOURS. I want the City Council to pass an ordinance that all business exterior and interior window signs have to be off with its business hours. IT’S A WASTE OF ELECTRICITY, IT’S UGLY, IT’S RIDICULOUS WHEN ONE CAR MAY MOVE THROUGH TOWN EVERY FOUR HOURS AFTER TEN P.M. If you close at 8, signs off at 8. All night they need to be off! Vacancy signs have to be downlit and not neon. Who’s the moron at city hall allowing these monstrosities – don’t you understand we’re a DESTINATION WONDER not the SUNSET STRIP. Disgusting loss of control of signage; somebody needs to lose a job or get educated. GM, Rodeo

  19. Marty says:

    Excellent points about Sedona’s signage @GM. For a long time KSB acted as signage police – they were really on it. Wonder what happened there. And flashing signs were a no-no. And OMG awful signs at the car wash! Have not and will no go there. It’s a disgrace and how is it they were approved in the first place. There are other places to have cars washed. West Sedona is one and VOC another – also Cottonwood etc. Also the prices are more reasonable. Another example of big city do instead of small town talk.

  20. Alarmed says:

    Damn ugly is going to get worse in Sedona.

    CityScape Consultants has prepared a Wireless Master Plan and zone amendments that will accommodate multiple providers and guide the construction of wireless infrastructure that will bring far more RF exposure to our community. This matter is the topic du jour of City Council’s Wednesday 9/14/16 meeting.

    Wireless Towers (could be 170 feet or over); Base Stations (ground equipment,. potential of 40 feet wide) and Transmission Equipment are the three infrastructure components. At the 7-13-16 Council Meeting the CityScape Project Leader made a beyond the pale comment when answering a “Coverage” question. She claimed that Sedona is Urban Density (6 towers in her handout, not Rural Density, 3 towers in her handout). Is our clueless City Council going to buy this travesty?

    CityScape’s Wireless Master Plan Map contains 8 Potential City-Owned Land Fill-In sites as follows: 2 on Buena Vista Drive, 1 on Stations West Drive, 2 on Soldiers Pass Road, 3 on OS W Park Ridge Drive, 6 on Jordan Road, 1 on Contractors Road, 1 on El Camino Road, and 1 on Stanley Steamer Drive.

    Although Radio Frequency emissions are regulated by the Feds, there’s absolutely no reason City Hall should go overboard and permit a lot of ugly, harmful infrastructure. And what’s the big rush anyway? Cottonwood and Camp Verde haven’t gotten into this.

    CityScape states the American Cancer Society and the WHO have found that “RF exposure is so low that human and animal health is not affected.” This is out-of-date BS.

    The American Cancer Society’s research on cell phones and cell phone towers continues. A few studies have reported evidence of biological effects that could be linked to cancer.

    According to the World Health Organization, most studies to date have focused on the RF exposures of mobile phone users. They do not provide enough information to allow a proper evaluation of human cancer risks from RF exposure because the results have been inconsistent. The WHO has been undertaking a health risk assessment of radio frequency fields, with a document due out in 2016 that will update their 1993 monograph on RF fields.

    PLEASE NOTE: The USFDA is studying radiation-emitting products. According to fda.gov’s Information for Health Care Professionals, “Because this technology continues to evolve and is more widely used, it is important to keep in mind its potential for interference with pacemakers, implantable cardiovascular defibrillators, and other electronic medical devices.”

    In addition, the Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) asks for (1) Independent studies to further understand the health effects from EMF and RF exposure; (2) Recognition that electromagnetic hypersensitivity is a growing problem worldwide; (3) Understanding and control of this electrical bombardment for the protection of society; ETC.

  21. @Alarmed says:

    And just where, one might ask, are the troopers (Community Plan Advisers) during this most devastating turn of events that most assuredly is not in compliance with
    Sedona’s theme to maintain a small town atmosphere? Is there absolutely no credibility left in City of Sedona government? If not then the Community Plan should immediately be amended to reflect the insincere and absurd waste of words contained therein.

  22. GNS, Sedona says:

    Maybe this pitiful city government is considering this because it will mean a new source of money. Is that a possibility? Since they are desperate enough to use the ruse of saving legitimate Sedona residents money for garbage pick-up (wink, wink) who knows? And so if another potential source of ” new money” might jeopardize our health, so what?

    And BTW, criticism has been made about some of us not attending the dedication of the 9/11 memorial. Well some of us no longer leave our homes on weekends because we are unable to get onto the traffic clog highways! DUH! (a great example of prudent spending – road conditions cannot accommodate massive amounts of day trippers thanks to the C of C frittering away tax money that would be better spent to fix a few vital amenities instead of making things worse.)

  23. Al S says:

    Yes it is true, we do all our shopping on Wednesday- Thursday as we can’t get across town. Too much traffic. It impacts our quality of life. We go out to eat on the weekdays also.

  24. Alarmed says:

    According to lease rate data provided on the website of Air Waves Cell Tower Consultants & Lease Experts, Top Tier cellular carriers Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Cricket, and Sprint can get over $156,000 yearly. And monthly rental rates for the “Big 3” tower management companies, American Tower, Crown Castle International and SBA Communications can range from $3,600 per year to well over $60,000 per year.

    Lease rates are reportedly site specific, vary from location to location and are based on the demand for coverage regardless of carrier or cell tower developer.

    Hopefully, our spendthrift City government will not consider wireless infrastructure as a new source of money. But didn’t Karen Daines (now Osborn) bring up money a year of two ago when the City Council was first priority-setting?


    Yet another announcement of a Sedona soon to be shuttered business arrived in today’s mail. Blue-Eyed Bear will be closing their doors at 299 N. State Rte. 89A.

    Now then, on the City Council Agenda meeting Tuesday 9/13, of the 17 Consent Items to be approved, three relate to “Remote Tasting Room LIcenses”, two specified for Odyssey Cellars and one for Javelina Leap Vineyards & Winery.

    Four are specified for “Special Event Liquor LIcenses” for the following: (1) “Canned Sedona and 2 Wine Festival Licenses for Alcantara, LLC and Javelina Leap Estate Vineyard for a fundraising event,” (2) “Special Event Liquor for Rotary Club of Sedona Red Rocks,” (3) “Special Event Liquor License for Red Earth Theatre exhibition and live performance,” (4) “Special Event Liquor LIcense for the Sedona Chamber of Commerce” for an upcoming event.

    Therefore, seven out of seventeen slam-dunk decisions relate to serving alcohol without charging Sedona city tax. Is that not a direct slap in the face to Sedona’s legitimate tax collecting businesses, struggling to keep their doors open? Did the new director of economic development the city recently hired recommend and/or approve this? Which business will be the next to vacate? And how much tax revenue is the State of Arizona losing on this yet another Sedona give-away?


    Eddie S. Maddock

  26. One of Them says:

    Adding insult to injury is the amount of taxes the city collects from legitimate businesses, including lease and rental agreements which even without taxation are exorbitant. Then to think this city is paying Red Earth Theatre to use a city owned facility not to mention the events they have that detract from customers patronizing our businesses? And, of course, to top it off are the ever rising monthly sewer fees. It’s really mind boggling not to mention very scary considering many of us put everything on the line to open businesses here only to be treated like second class citizens and kicked to the curb. Go figure.

  27. Wake up Sedona says:

    Why does the city not pay attention to their existing businesses? We have so many empty retail spots. When we have a empty spots they miss out on taxes. Sales Tax, Tax on commercial leases, sales and franchise fees on utilities. There is probably more like licenses ect.
    The City should be taking care of what they have first. Our shopping centers look bad with so many empty spaces. The landlords are greedy they overcharge because it is sedona. But we don’t have enough people shopping here anymore. They go elsewhere.Where is the new guru of city economics? Does she report to the chamber like Karen Daines does? When will the city grow up and realize that the region is NOT the city.

    Hoping that SB1487 will stop this insane city.

    @ ATTN SEDONA BUSINESSES where did you hear about the Blue Eye Bear? Was it posted somewhere?


    In yesterday’s mail (9/12) there was a notice headed “A Special Invitation” announcing the intent of the owners of Blue-Eyed Bear, Bud & Linda Johnson, to “begin immediately to liquidate every single item of merchandise.”

    The notice includes but isn’t limited to: “We are closing our doors forever.” Also indicating “This sale is initiated only after careful consideration.”

    While having lunch at a Sedona restaurant today (9/13) there was even more alarming news about yet another uptown shop intending to close. As this information has not been confirmed, I will withhold the name of the business. Two alleged reasons were cited: (1) Extreme drop in sales; (2) Installation of parking meters. Reiterating, this has not been confirmed but was related by a reliable source.

    Is this indicative of the factual return on the multi-million dollar investment the city made with the Chamber of Commerce? Shame.

    Eddie Maddock

  29. Ted says:

    Karma Café & Bearcloud on Portal Lane & Mexican restaurant in Bashas that has other locations doing great & shop in Tlaquepaque that disappeared in the night & more?

  30. WSR says:

    Wow more overpriced business that cater to tourists going out of business …..
    Wow what a surprise ….

    Also karma cafe…..even the name is a joke (caters to tourists plus nothing last for long at that location
    The Mexican by Bashas ……the quality of food has gone way down over the years….wow another surprise

  31. Norma says:

    Doesn’t it seem odd that some people on this website are flip flopping and stirring up anger?

    According to the chamber and city council tourism pays the bills. Locals don’t matter. With the in-city businesses paying for regional marketing without any return on their contribution. They collect higher sales tax for the city. Which increasing their administration overhead. The have to reduce their profits by decreasing their cost of goods in some sectors to compete with those outside the city limits. They pay sales tax on rents, all deliveries supplies not for resale, signage, sales tax and franchise fees for utilities. They employ locals and are vested by the capital improvements they install. If they sell those businesses then the city of Sedona also gets a sales tax on those improvements.

    The cost of doing business in the city limits is high. So why wouldn’t the cost of their product and services be higher?

    The unit of measure is not how any person can judge or uninformed make assessments but by analytically neutrally and fairly reviewing the elements of facts like most city do. Rogue evaluations are not facts.

    Most Cities do not fund the region and most cities assess things in a logical fashion. Assess demand, inventory – supply (vacancies ). You can only do this with real numbers. How many vacant storefronts are there? What is the landlords charging the tenants? What additional garbage fees are the businesses being charge (ie licenses, permits) What is the general overhead cost? Employees are another big factor. Cities also use this to measure their own competition, comparisons.

    So we can’t judge unless you have personal information you simply don’t know. How can you say overpriced when these businesses are paying more than a business in cottonwood or voc? You can’t.

    The presentation on Economic Development by Larry Harmer was very clear. What is the city business retention? When you look at the lodging sector what is the in-city hotel occupancy rate? By month, day of week. That is the type of information we should be looking at. Hiring and layoffs for the busy seasons also impacts us all and drives cost up. VOC vs Sedona City is a relevant comparison.

    You don’t know. Please stop making judgements and assessments on items that you are not educated or fully informed on. What makes you think that doing business within the city limits is sustainable anymore? You don’t have the facts to make those statements.

  32. @Norma says:

    Talk about the “pot calling the kettle”

    During your posting you seem to have a lot more opinions then fact yet you accuse us.

  33. j johnston says:

    Leave it to Jessica to bash businesses for catering to tourist while keeping Sedona a tourist town. Anti-business looser.

  34. Norma says:

    @@Norma Nope I have facts,documentation and the numbers to back everything up with.

    You are funny ……. Who is the “us” you are referring to?

    Numbers are the truth, I never speak without the facts, You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see the truth.

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