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Courthouse and Law Enforcement Telephone Scam Alert

Sedona AZ (May 3, 2018)Law enforcement departments and offices are alerting communities of a recent telephone scam:

The Coconino County Sheriff’s Office advises new reports of a telephone scam that hit its county before. In the most recent report, the scammer represented himself as a police officer and even used the name of a CCSO staff member.

The scammer also provided names of local judges and their clerks to make his scam personalized to our judicial system. He spoke of state statutes and court dates and told the caller to go to Target or Walmart to get Smart Cards or Gift Cards to pay the victim’s fines.

The scammer “spoofed” the phone number so it looked like a real CCSO phone number, but provided a different callback number than the official Sheriff’s Office and or Court telephone numbers.

Rememberno legitimate court, judge, deputy or police officer would ever have someone pay fines in this manner. NEVER!

Do not fall victim to these types of scams.

Hang up and immediately call the CCSO (928-774-4523 , extension 1) or Flagstaff Police Department (928-774-1414, option 1) to report suspicious phone calls.

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  1. Pardo says:

    Why can’t banks and western union and bankcards develop a system at the point of purchase or request for checks, etc, that protects these vulnerables? These bank facilities and money changers manage to do it to protect themselves and absolve themselves of fiscal losses and its consequences, why is it impossible to stop this fraud for the vulnerable or ignorant? I understand personal responsibility, I get it. Sometimes the personal responsibility is not applicable to victims of certain crimes, and money frauds and scams are in those categories. How does this differ from the burglar stealing it from your home or purse?

  2. Morgan Uhler says:

    people are sheep

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