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City of Sedona: When is a permit required?

Article submitted by city of Sedona AZ

Sedona AZ (June 15, 2017) – The following was written by Audree Juhlin, city of Sedona Community Development Department Director, and submitted by the city of Sedona on June 15, 2017:

City Talk Column for June 14, 2017
Community Development Department
Audree Juhlin, director

When do I need or not need a permit?

Spring is here, a time when many of us are feeling energized and ready to take on a project or two around the house. As you plan your projects and the things you want to do, also consider whether a building permit may be required. All too often, residents are excited to take on a remodeling project, add a pool, a deck or a shed, and do not realize that a building permit is necessary before the project can begin.

When is a permit required? In addition to new construction of a house or guest house, there are a number of instances when you will most likely need a building permit. These may include, but are not necessarily limited to, projects such as:

  • Remodeling, new or relocated electrical, plumbing or mechanical work
  • An addition or conversion of a garage into living space
  • Any work that involves moving or constructing walls
  • Any accessory structure, including a swimming pool, spa, fence, deck, patio, porch, retaining wall over 30 inches tall, or storage building.

However, there are many things that do not require a permit, these typically include:

  • Ordinary, routine maintenance
  • Interior refinishing work that does not require any new or relocated electrical, plumbing or mechanical work or the removal of any part of a wall
  • Replacement of household heating and air-conditioning units, or other mechanical devices, as long as the replacement does not change the location of the unit and is considered “like for like”
  • Installation of antennas for satellite television or internet connections.

While the repainting of the outside of your home does not require city approval or a building permit, the city does have very restrictive color requirements. To avoid future problems with color selections, we strongly encourage you to come in and meet with the Community Development staff to discuss color choices in advance of painting to ensure your selections meet the color code requirements.

If you are unsure if a permit is needed, or if you have general questions about the permitting process, we are happy to help you. Please contact the Community Development Department at 928-282-1154 or schedule an appointment with a staff member.

You can also find information and resources online at sedonaaz.gov/cd.

Finally, if you are considering using your existing home or guest house as a short-term vacation rental, please be sure to obtain a business license from the Finance Department and your transaction privilege tax license from the Arizona Department of Revenue.

Remember that short-term vacation rentals are required to remit transaction privilege tax at the same rate as a hotel (transient occupancy tax). Because Sedona is located in two different counties, two different tax rates apply. If you have questions about business licenses and tax rates contact the Finance Department at 928-204-7185.

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