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Citizen Group Advocating ‘Will of the People’

City of Sedona Council candidate Mike Ward

City of Sedona Council candidate Mike Ward

Sedona AZ (January 7, 2010) – A Sedona, Arizona, grassroots citizens group advocating ‘Will of the People’ will be endorsing Adams, Litrell, McIlroy, Rayner, Ward in the upcoming city council election. The political organization has endorsed the five independent candidates for the Sedona City Council election to be held in March 2010 citing a pledge the five have given to “listen and follow the will of the people,” among other aspects of improving city governance.

Organized as Responsive Sedona Leadership 2010 (RSL 2010) and saying that it represents dozens of Sedona residents, the group will endorse the following five Sedona residents:

Mayor: Rob Adams (incumbent)

Sedona City Council candidate Barbara Litrell

Sedona City Council candidate Barbara Litrell

Two-Year Council Position (One Opening): Dennis Rayner

Four-Year Council Position (Three Openings): Barbara Litrell, Dan McIlroy and Mike Ward

Each of the five endorsed candidates has agreed to follow RSL 2010 defined important Principles of Public Service, including:

  • Listening and following the will of the people – educating residents on important issues, seeking out resident views, and following the will of the majority on important community issues.
  • Acting with fiduciary wisdom and integrity – working to balance the budget and pay off city debt in ways which have the least impact on our residents, and working to strengthen our businesses in Sedona.
  • Protecting the environment and our quality of life – promoting community health, safety and welfare, and safeguarding our natural environment from harm.
Mayor Rob Adams

Mayor Rob Adams

“The candidates have declared their commitment to restoring ‘public servantship’ in the City Council,” said City of Sedona resident, Paul Chevalier, of RSL 2010. “Sedona residents deserve elected leaders who are respectful of the public’s opinion and who take the time to provide residents with the facts. The candidates we are endorsing have promised to listen, learn and represent the views of the community.”

Dozens of Sedona residents have expressed support for RSL 2010 and its candidates, says Chevalier. To learn more about the election initiatives, contact Responsive Sedona Leadership 2010, P.O. Box 4184, Sedona, Arizona 86340-4184 or email rsedona2010@gmail.com.

In addition to Chevalier, RSL 2010’s steering committee members are Sedonans Peter Fagan, Don Griffith, Jim Pease and Judy Reddington.


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  1. Any of these now seated Councilors and Mayor who would vote for a proposal to impose new Chamber-funneled excise/sales taxes on non-Chamber small businesses whom will not directly benefit from the tourist trade, and retirees who are struggling to stop the rapid deterioration of their savings accounts, as well as seniors and elderly who are living off devalued fixed income sources, not to mention low-wage earners employed in Sedona while living here, will have committed an inherently immoral act including betrayal of the above-mentioned campaign promises.

    Arizona has the second highest combined sales tax load in the U.S. and that is not including the current 1.0% temporary state sales tax which is about to expire. Can the Mayor and these Councilors guarantee each of us that the soon-to-expire state 1.0% sales tax will not be resurrected in shore order?

    Sedona has already passed the threshold of maximum sales tax load that is beginning to result in most or our west Sedona businesses losing customers to lower sales tax vendors in lower sales tax venues. Maybe it’s time that Council stop eating out of Staff’s unraveling budget forecasting feedbag and learn what will be the economic consequences of the law of unintended consequences when it comes to using fallacious revenue forecasting assumptions in a period of stagflation…an economic state they don’t seem to understand.

    J. Rick Normand

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  3. Considering the nature of the above article (which link was just now forwarded to me) the timing is impeccable.

    At the Sedona City Council meeting on Tuesday, May 13th (pre-meeting @ 3:00; regular meeting @ 4:30) Item a. AB 1771 (under Regular Business) the Chamber of Commerce/Tourism Bureau will be presenting their FY2015 proposed regional destination marketing plan for over one million dollars of City of Sedona revenue. The action this council takes at this meeting will lock in budget funding for next year (2015) even though three new council members and election of a new mayor will occur in August.

    Will this major decision, to award such a sizeable contract without solid structural methods for accountability, to the Sedona Oak-Creek Canyon Chamber of Commerce (a special interest, member driven organization) without benefit of RFP’s be the final legacy of the broken promises of those who in the last four years have already betrayed their supporters. (With the exception of Dennis Rayner who occupied his chair for only a two-year term.)

    As timely as having received the reminder of this link is the above comment from J. Rick Normand dated April 14, 2013. Please take a couple of minutes to carefully read his words.

    Do you need further reason to reject Home Rule during this upcoming election in August?

    My opinion respectfully submitted,
    Eddie S. Maddock
    City of Sedona Registered Voter

  4. Harold says:

    @Eddie Maddock Don’t hold your breath that approving the chamber contract will be their final legacy. They still have all that development impact money burning a hole in their pockets to spend on vacant land before the 11th hour.

    BTW. Could it have been the Chamber/Tourism group that financed the PAC that elected the four named in the article? If that’s the case, they haven’t betrayed anyone.

  5. I remember the “WILL OF THE PEOPLE” issue back than, can someone explain to me really which “people” is that: The few people who seem to be on this site?
    The people who own businesses in town?
    The people who vote?
    The people who each of those elected sat and spoke with during their walks around town?
    The people who live next door to each of those elected?

    I mean really, just the thought that this “WILL OF THE PEOPLE” proposal was stupid. For all you know, each of those elected did exactly as they said, they listened to the will of the people that they spoke with, just not those on this site.

    You all really have to learn to move your lives forward.

  6. @long time They did exactly what they bitched and complained about.

    They don’t hear. All of the sudden theiregos came in. Just listen to the council meetings. ME,me, me, me. Jessica Williamson even said in a meeting she represents non voters! They are voted in to represent the voters. Not their pals outside the city, nor a regional group. They are suppose to be the will of the majority voters. They are also suspose to remove themselves when they have a conflict of interest.
    Littrel & Adams did not do what they promised to do. Rotten. They act like they have experience, They don’t. They look like a bunch of old dumb fools playing Santa Claus. Watch the money friends with beneifts, you don’t have to be in city either.

  7. robert says:

    Re “Long Time Resident”

    It may be easy for you so say “move on with your lives” but the hovering threat of increased monthly sewer fees, special districts, and other means of increasing taxes makes that decision a bit difficult for some of us. Such as, will we be able to “move on with our lives” here or elsewhere because rising costs are driving us out. Clearly we are not alone based on the substantial drop in Sedona city population over the last ten years.

    The only voices (will of the people) it appears this council, as well as past councils, listens to is the handful from the chamber of commerce. Morale is down. Many of us feel we are not welcome at city council meetings. Criticizing the “few of us” who have a voice on this site is a privilege we all share, including you. Of course, maybe you are one of the select few allowed publication of a letter to a local hard copy publication which gives you yet another option to be heard. If so, continue to count your blessings (depending on how you look at it.)

  8. @Robert

    The sky is falling, the sky is falling.

    What city in this country can you live where housing costs, taxes or living expenses don’t raise. The issue really is having those people (whomever they are) to be wise to keep those costs as low as possible. Yes, the sewer fees will raise the question remains how much. Seriously, why should those who don’t have sewer be responsible to supplement the cost for those who do?

    As for “special districts”, I don’t remember anyone promoting special districts with any seriousness.

    Like I said, THE SKY IS FALLING, THE SKY IS FALLING. You and a few others don’t like the fact that when past council said that they would listen to the “will of the people” is wasn’t YOU!

    Maybe your morale is down, mine is way up. As long as I wake up each morning seeing the sun and not dirt, I’M A HAPPY CAMPER. You really need to open your eyes and except life in the beautiful city

  9. robert says:

    @Long Time Resident:

    Apparently you aren’t quite as “long time” here as you claim or you would remember that a huge selling point for incorporation was that sales tax would go to support the WW treatment plant. Further, the reason the entire city isn’t hooked up is because preference went to new development instead of sticking to the original plan, that being to service ALL existing subdivisions PRIOR to new development including expansion of certain resorts.

    That Sir (or Madam as the case may be) is a fact of the matter. Do your homework as you obviously are among those presently reaping benefits that weren’t part of the original plan.

  10. Jim uptown says:


    Speaking of broken commitments, what happened to Nepenthe? That development was conditionally approved as “affordable housing” and was also among the huge sewer capacity consumers. Just another example of a long list of betrayals by city planners and city councils. Another real life example of no honor among thieves?

  11. @ Robert

    To answer your question, I have been here a long time but it was after the events that you mention above.

    I see you have a lot of resentment towards people in the city government, council and workers. My only issue is that everyone who was or wasn’t responsible for the promises made during the incorporation in 1988 ARE NO LONGER IN CHARGE! Sedona is a place of inner healing of one self. You need to look at those who are there now to insure that old mistakes don’t happen again.

    I’m not criticizing your deep seeded issues one way or the other but, we’re in a new century that brings technology to watch those city meetings on TV. You can’t get more open and transparent than that. Why not watch what those in office are doing now to insure that old mistakes don’t happen again.

    As for Jim in Uptown, same comments, Nepenthe is built and occupied. Why not ask those in charge why that complex is not affordable housing. I’m sure that they’ll check the records and answer your question. I’ve dealt with those at the front counter and found them to be very helpful to my questions.

    It seems to me that there are many on this site that just like to push evil comments without seeking out the facts. Yes, perhaps mistakes may have been made but, we all should just move on in our lives. There really are so many more important things in life then blaming people now for the wrongs of those over 20 years ago.

  12. julie says:

    @Long Time Resident you nailed it right on the head. No accountability or responsibility. The constant changing of the guards creates the monster. Littrell and Adams became part of the problem. I personally supported both. Adams has such a bad temper and Littrell is blind. Both made the situation worst. When mistakes are made the citizens pay.

    No one like to be near those who just go past it. ” Oh well it not my money” Rationalizing bad behavior is done over and over. Not the solution.

    Those that made the decisions are long gone. Sad but true. Mistakes, reckless, policies needs to be put in place to assist those on council. The true facts are they are not professionals. Clear accurate policies that apply to everyone need to be clear and handy. Clear and accurate reports, tracking need to be incorporated. Controls are part of the policy procedures.

    from Jay Leno

    No matter what our kids and the new generation think about us, WE ARE AWESOME !!! OUR Lives are LIVING PROOF !!!

    To Those of Us Born 1920 – 1970 :
    TO ALL THE KIDS WHO SURVIVED THE 1920s, 1930s, ’40s, ’50s, ’60s and ’70s!!

    First, we survived being born to mothers who may have smoked and/or drank
    while they were pregnant.

    They took aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing, tuna from a can, and didn’t get tested for diabetes.

    Then, after that trauma, we were put to sleep on our tummies in baby cribs
    covered with bright colored lead-based paints.

    We had no childproof lids on medicine bottles, locks on doors or cabinets,
    and, when we rode our bikes, we had baseball caps, not helmets, on our heads.

    As infants and children, we would ride in cars with no car seats, no booster seats, no seat belts, no air bags, bald tires and sometimes no brakes..

    Riding in the back of a pick- up truck on a warm day was always a special treat.

    We drank water from the garden hose and not from a bottle. We shared one
    soft drink with four friends, from one bottle, and no one actually died from this.

    We ate cupcakes, white bread, real butter, and bacon. We drank Kool-Aid made with real white sugar. And we weren’t overweight. WHY?

    Because we were always outside playing…that’s why!

    We would leave home in the morning and play all day, as long as we were back when the streetlights came on. No one was able to reach us all day. — And, we were OKAY.

    We would spend hours building our go-carts out of scraps and then ride them down the hill, only to find out we forgot the brakes.. After running into the bushes a few times, we learned to solve the problem..

    We did not have Play Stations, Nintendos and X-boxes. There were no video games, no 150 channels on cable, no video movies or DVDs, no surround-sound or CDs, no cell phones, no personal computers, no Internet and
    no chat rooms. (Oh, yes, we never heard of splash-pads.)

    WE HAD FRIENDS and we went outside and found them!

    We fell out of trees, got cut, broke bones and teeth, and there were no lawsuits
    from those accidents.

    We would get spankings with wooden spoons, switches, ping-pong paddles, or just a bare hand, and no one would call child services to report abuse.

    We ate worms, and mud pies made from dirt, and the worms did not live in us forever.

    We were given BB guns for our 10th birthdays, rode horses, made up games with sticks and tennis balls, and – although we were told it would happen – we did not put out very many eyes.

    We rode bikes or walked to a friend’s house and knocked on the door or rang the bell, or just walked in and talked to them.

    Little League had tryouts and not everyone made the team. Those who didn’t
    had to learn to deal with disappointment. Imagine that!!

    The idea of a parent bailing us out if we broke the law was unheard of. They actually sided with the law!

    These generations have produced some of the best risk-takers, problem solvers, and inventors ever.

    The past 50 to 90 years have seen an explosion of innovation and new ideas..

    We had freedom, failure, success and responsibility, and we learned how to deal with it all.

    If YOU are one of those born between 1920-1970, CONGRATULATIONS!

    You might want to share this with others who have had the luck to grow up as kids before the lawyers and the government regulated so much of our lives for our own good.

    While you are at it, forward it to your kids, so they will know how brave and lucky their parents were.

    Kind of makes you want to run through the house with scissors, doesn’t it ?
    The quote of the month by Jay Leno:

    “With hurricanes, tornados, fires out of control, mud slides, flooding, severe thunderstorms tearing up the country from one end to another, and with the threat of bird flu and terrorist attacks, are we sure this is a good time to take God out of the Pledge of Allegiance?”

  14. Tom Bergen says:

    @ Julie

    I have to laugh at your Hypocrisy. You want professionals but you don’t want to pay them. You think that everyone in City Hall makes too much money. Well, you’re not going to get those professionals that you want unless they are paid a fare market salary. The last I checked, you can’t use red rocks in your gas tank for to pay your mortgage.

    Perhaps mistakes were made years ago, let’s hope that those days are behind us. Since the internet, their meetings are completely transparent via on my computer or the TV, we all get to see what’s going on. If you’re not happy (well, we all know you and Tony are never happy) you can go down to city hall and speak your mind for 3 minutes or contact your elected representatives. There’s no hidden agendas. However, you’ll find something to bitch about.

    Remember, everyone makes mistakes, except of course for you and Tony who are perfect. Everyone knows that Mayor Adams has anger issues even still, it seems to me that he speaks his mind and that his heart is in the right place which is to better our city and more than I can say about you and the rest of your aliases.

  15. Jack says:

    Bravo @Something to Think About
    Love this and it does give everyone something to think about.

  16. julie says:

    Tom I don’t know any Tony. Wrong Julie. So you don’t know what I think.

  17. Tony Tonsich says:

    Lots of great people will work for less than six figure salaries. Lots of people volunteer. I do.

    Some work for a reasonable salary, not for an imaginary ” fare” market salary that is 2-3 times the local average income.

    Safeway is hiring for 9.15 per hour, Sedona Assistant city manager is currently paid about $48 per hour, with one month leave/vacation the first year of employment. I guarantee there are lots of qualified people that will work for half that. And do a better job. After all her position was left unfilled after she left Sedona Fire. Was she professional? I seriously doubt it.

    The Sedona City managers office 2014 budget is over $600,000. I’ll do the job for $50,000. I do president of my association for free. What a raise!!!

    Well Tom’s?

  18. Tom G says:

    Tony , ill give you credit for one thing, the misinformation that come from you is consistent!!
    Doesn’t matter what the topic is your BS just flows freely… Your the guy who thinks 2 cops talking to each other for 10min is a waste of taxpayers money right!? Didn’t you take a picture of them and put it on your website to show us what a fantastic financial watchdog, and doer of good are!?

    Oh yes, how about the city employee cashing his check at the bank on his lunch!? Fantastic investigative reporting!

    Also did I not hear you rant about how poor you and that your on z fixed income and how the small amt of taxes you pay are destroying you financially?

    Get a grip, your only 57 years old! Go get a job!! Get yourself one of those 6 figure jobs you cry about.. You should be a shoe in since your Very Very smart and take fantastic pictures..

  19. @Tony:

    Your comments just prove that you are either not well informed or just like to post comments for the sake of posting.

    Remember the old saying, “You get what you pay for”.

    To compare a Safeway worker’s salary to highly educated professionals is just stupid. But, I guess you never went through years of college nor had over 30 years of work experience like our city manager.

    I’m sure if we need to hire a new city manager, those seeking less than the market rate will apply for the job. I’m afraid that as a senior, on a fixed income, they may hire that person and they’ll look for a property tax or some other crazy way to make money. I like the fact that Mr. Ernster has been doing a great job and I think that he’s well worth ever penny.

    You mention that the city managers budget is over $600k I watched the budget review on cable and remember that we get a lot more than just salaries for that money with a host of other items are under that line item.

  20. @Tony:

    Your comments just prove that you are either not well informed or just like to post comments for the sake of posting.

    Remember the old saying, “You get what you pay for”.

    To compare a Safeway worker’s salary to highly educated professionals who is going to manage multi- millions of our tax dollars is just stupid. It’s so obvious that you never went through years of college nor had over 30 years of work experience at professional jobs or in the same field, like our city manager.

    I’m sure if we need to hire a new city manager, those seeking less than the market rate will apply for the job. I’m afraid that as a senior, on a fixed income, they may hire that person and they’ll look for a property tax or some other crazy way to make money. I like the fact that Mr. Ernster has been doing a great job and I think that he’s well worth ever penny.

    You mention that the city managers budget is over $600k I watched the budget review on cable and remember that we get a lot more than just salaries for that money with a host of other items are under that line item.

  21. Tony Tonsich says:

    According to Tim Ernsters employment contract, April 2009, obtained under a freedom of information request: Base Salary $167,500, $22,000 annually towards a retirement account, $500 per month, or $6000 per year for car allowance. 5 weeks paid vacation/leave the first year and every year thereafter.

    I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, (a four year degree for you Sedona GED managers with letters after your name). I have taken Post Graduate classes in public Administration. I have been President, Vice President and owner in numerous private enterprises.

    I have over 40 years of increasing responsible work experience. I would have gotten a Masters in Public Administration, but after observing a city at “work”, I got terminally bored by all the meetings. Wasteful and unnecessary meetings would NOT happen under my administration. The only people in Sedona who make six figure salaries are City employees, the Fire Chief, and a few self employed Doctors.

    I’ll do the job for a flat $50,000. I am VERY qualified. I’m sure there are other Sedona residents more qualified than I that will do it for $50,000 also.

  22. Tony Tonsich says:

    As to the balance of the $600,000 City Managers office budget:

    City Manager,
    Assistant City Manager
    Assistant to the City manager
    It just goes on.

    Look at sedonaaz.gov, your neck will get sore from shaking you head at all the wasteful spending.

    It’s your money.

    Vote NO on Home Rule/ Alternative Spending Limitation.

  23. Maria & John says:

    We don’t know any of you and quite frankly feel that is a good thing. However based on the level of the comments, Tony Tonsich stands far taller than Tom G. or Long Time Resident simply because the level of his remarks remain above simply insulting those who disagree with him. So blast us and our integrity TG & LTR for having expressed an opinion that no doubt you won’t agree. Do you agree with anyone except maybe each other? Or, for that matter, are you one and the same? Sounds like it.

  24. Tom Bergen says:

    @ Julie

    If you are truly not connect to Tony perhaps you should change your name on this site. It doesn’t really matter, even if you’re not Julie, you have the same mentality.

  25. Sedona Sam says:

    Has anyone been paying attention to other cities that have gone into ruin? Check out the news. Phoenix is a good example. They gave city manager a huge raise, they tax everything, city council played Santa Claus with the City money. Now they are cutting salaries, trying to stay afloat. Negativity, righteous and self serving got them nowhere. They thought they were better than anyone.

    All government agencies are required to be accountable. Telling the residents in the city limits they don’t count is wrong. If you listen to city council, city staff, and the chamber no one matters but them. Stand up Sedona let the city council know you do NOT like what they’re doing. Call, drop a letter by city hall, send an email and VOTE.

    By not speaking up you have given up your civil rights and endorse this attitude. This include businesses, why do you collect sales tax and bed tax when the city uses it against you to promote the chambers members who are NOT in the incorporated are? Those controlling the city are special interest groups. These special interest groups are on city council and staff like a fly on S___. Speak up, be heard, make a change. If you love Sedona please speak up.

    Vote NO on homerule August 26. Start controlling city council. Speak up. NO on homerule, limit their spending to state guidelines.

  26. Tom Bergen says:


    Sounds more like you’re jealous than offering an interest in a job that you’re not really qualified for. You can have all of the Masters in Public Administration degrees that you can sit in a class for. It doesn’t make you leadership material.

    To prove my point, in a city government, large or small, a good administrator needs to listen to the voice of the people. By your words alone you have proven that you would not be one to listen:

    “Wasteful and unnecessary meetings would NOT happen under my administration”. Who decides what’s wasteful or unnecessary? Even if the people at the city agreed with that thought, to the person or people that have an issue, IT’S NOT WASTEFUL OR UNNECESSARY it’s very important!

    I may not agree with those against Smart Meters but, it’s an issue for over 1400 in our city IS IT’S IMPORTANT TO ME. In the City of Tonisch, you wouldn’t waste your time. In the City of Sedona, those COUNCIL people set up many meetings (wasteful to Tonsich) to listen to the concerns of the residents.

    Well sir, our city manager has proven his worth to me and many others over the years.

    In the City of Tonisch, meetings would be a waste of time after all, you just said so.

    In our city, when I had an issue at the senior center, Mr. Ernster set up a meeting, listened to the issues and solved the problem. Sometimes Council meetings can be long but, I don’t consider them wasteful if they help to solve a problem. But, it’s government, not an HOA.

    In the City of Tonisch, when you have an issue with someone, you run around taking photos to the “evil doers” like our cops for taking a 10 break or a worker cashing his check. Wow, you have proven to be a born leader.

    In the City of Tonisch, when you don’t agree with the smallest issue, you blow it out of proportion with half truths or try to eliminate it like you originally tried to do with your HOA, remember way back when before you became King.

    Don’t try to impress the readers of this site with how well you run your HOA because an HOA is not responsible for millions and millions of tax dollars. An HOA is not responsible to see that health and safety issues of the residents are protected. An HOA doesn’t have to follow strict AZ laws.

    I’m not putting down HOA’s they are a very important group within a development. I’m just saying that running an HOA is no where near as difficult to run as a city.

    Remember, when there’s an issue that the HOA can’t solve, you have to turn to the real guns, the people at the City to really get the difficult things done. So go back to checking to insure that houses are painted the proper color and that your neighbors cars aren’t parked in the wrong place, Oh, wait don’t you have a few too many cars parked in your driveway? Oh, that’s right, you’re the King of the HOA.

    Just face it, YOU DON’T HAVE THE INTEGRITY to sustain a job like City Manager and will never deserve the respect to earn a salary like that. So I guess you are jealous.

  27. Tom Bergen suggested watching council meeting and I took him up on it. Check out the meeting of May 13th about funding the Chamber of Commerce for Sedona advertising for destination tourists. Very interesting. As I see it, the city is giving over one million dollars to the Chamber, who in turn has hired a professional consultant and they (Chamber) intend to hire a PR firm in the future. Also they take up hours of time with the assistant manager, Karen Daines, who works side-by-side to create this presentation.

    My question is, why is the city paying the Chamber, non-professional at promotion proven by their need to hire “professionals,” taking up time in city hall (or wherever) with the assistant city manager, instead of appropriately doing the hiring up front and stop using the Chamber as a middleman?

    There’s nothing wrong with the Chamber of Commerce provided it remains acknowledged for what it’s worth: a special interest group for businesses to join, pay dues, for the purpose of being promoted. Realistically it should have nothing to do with the city and use of public funds.

    Further, there’s nothing wrong with the city to promote tourism. However, the money it’s throwing away on the “middle-men” (Chamber, Bureau of Tourism, and Lodging Council, realistically all are one and the same) is absurd. The city should have had bids from the get-go from “professionals” who will be held accountable, produce a “real” audit (not an annual financial statement which we all know can easily be manipulated to produce preferred results), and who will have factual evidence of the effectiveness of such an advertising campaign.

    Also, as the economy already appears to be in recovery (on the news it’s estimated that this Memorial Day weekend travel will increase substantially for the first time in years) are we to believe that the Chamber of Commerce is responsible for the upswing?

    Jennifer Wesselhoff is a very busy lady. Not only is she and her cohorts on a very self-profitable march to save Sedona, according to an article appearing in a local paper on April 25th she is beating her drum to “save Arizona.” “Federal Immigration Reform is Critical to Arizona’s Future Success.” Since when is it legal for a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization (if, in fact, that is the corporate status of the Chamber of Commerce) to lobby and campaign for political issues? Maybe the IRS needs to provide a legitimate audit of ALL Chamber activities?

    In my humble opinion it appears if this lame-duck council continues on this path to display their power, Sedona is on an alternate route to self-destruct. Sure Tom(s) and Long Time Resident, thumb your nose at me and others who dare to take a different slant on the situation other than your own which amounts to nothing more than a grudge against some guy named Tony. (and no I’m not acquainted with any of these people) However, I will thank Mr. Bergen for the tip on reviewing the council meeting. Therein lies the truth of what is going on in Sedona. Check out both Parts 1 and 2: http://sedonaaz.swagit.com/play/05132014-930

  28. Tom G says:

    Hey Tony….. Quick grab your camera… Just saw a waste of taxpayer money…. A city worker was eating lunch.!!! Quick grab your camera and put the picture on your website…

  29. SSToo!! says:

    My wife pointed out that somebody else is also named Sedona Sam — if able please reflect my comment with the addition of Too (my comment begins with – deleted by editor) but we’re not one and the same! Small world, eh? Accept my appreciation for helping me out if you can!

  30. Thanks to Sedona Eye Editor for differentiating me as “Sedona Sam Too (SS, Too) from the comment made by the first “Sedona Sam.” As if it isn’t confusing enough with so many “Tom’s” attacking “Tony” (who is at least brave enough to reveal his last name) it surprised me that two “Sedona Sam’s” appeared to show up in “sync.” Just another twist of Sedona’s fickle finger of fate? Go figure.

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