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Cherokee County Veterans Set Nationwide Anti Litter Example

Gary Chamberlain (far right) joins North Carolina Cherokee County veterans and school football spectators to promote litter free sports events education during a local game.

Sedona AZ (August 26, 2018) – On August 24, 2018, Murphy American Legion Post 96, Cherokee County Veterans Services office and the North Carolina Litter Free Coalition (NCLFC), co-sponsored a litter awareness event at the Murphy High School versus Franklin High School football game.

Thanks to the Murphy High School teachers, students, Murphy American Legion Post 96 and the North Carolina Cherokee County Veterans Service Office, all were able to raise an awareness of “spectator litter” at the Murphy vs Franklin football game.

Spectators from the Murphy and Franklin teams were willing to “Take and Pass” the orange garbage bags handed among the crowd for litter collection.

Young and old willingly placed “Don’t Litter” stickers on their clothing and, in one case, a face!

Event sponsors want this Anti Litter effort to stimulate the positive version of “Monkey see, monkey do” by encouraging sporting spectators to take pride in their school, their team, their community and their country.

American Legion Post 96, the Veterans Service Office and the NCLFC will be conducting anti litter events at every Murphy HS football home game with the hopes of promoting community pride.

This exclusive SedonaEye.com article by Gary Chamberlain of Murphy, North Carolina. To organize an anti-litter event in your area, contact FolksvilleUSA@gmail.com for information and help to utilize local resources.

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  1. Sharon says:

    Know that these community efforts go to making our America beautiful. Our land is in good hands. Thank you all.

  2. Gary Chamberlain says:

    I thank you directly for the support of the SedonaEyE.com.

    Gary Chamberlain
    Murphy American Legion Post 96-Media Liaison
    North Carolina Litter-Free Coalition-Spokesman

  3. Helen W. says:

    Wonderful effort and nicely reported by Sedona Eye Times. Don’t litter is an important lesson to teach our young and to remind our elders. Carry a plastic bag to help pick up litter and drop it in a garbage can to protect our health and safety and all animals and our desert ecosystem. Don’t use plastic water bottles if you can use a stainless refillable water bottle. Some Midwest communities have free “refill” machines for water bottles along streets and museums and parks and beaches and it was nice.

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