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Camp Verde and Cottonwood Tae Kwon Do Families Shine at Gilbert Tournament

April Moser

September 20, 2010–

KC’s Family Tae Kwon Do of Cottonwood and Camp Verde travelled to Gilbert for the AZ Best of the Best Open Martial Arts Tournament on Saturday and their presence was seen and heard all over the gym at the Boys and Girls Club there. 

Bailey Parker

Known for powerful (and loud) performances in Forms divisions, many in the crowd stopped to look when KC’s competitors were in the ring.  A total of over 30 people attended from both KC’s school locations and brought home 24 – 1st place trophies, 10 – 2nd place trophies, 6 – 3rds and 5 – 4ths.  In addition, the school’s demo team, the “X-TEAM”, competed in a tight division coming in 2nd to Team XGT from Tae Kwon Do Unlimited, also from Cottonwood.  “The X-Team gave it their all and I couldn’t be more proud of their effort. 

Chris Conover

It was a close score, but XGT had some really great creativity in their form that put them over the top today.  We’re already putting together ideas that will hopefully bring us the win next time,” said Karen Conover, Head Instructor of KC’s and Coach for the team.  Both teams showed a lot of class cheering each other on and enjoying the camaraderie throughout the day.

Most notably were all the families, Moms and Dads included, that were out there competing side-by-side from KC’s.  “We’re a family school and being together in this way is like no other sports experience for kids. 

Frisch Brothers

Mom and Dad get to do it with them, not just cheer from the sidelines.  It creates an even playing field in the family dynamic and really helps to build team spirit and respect among individuals in the family,” said Chuck Conover, Lead Instructor over at KC’s in Cottonwood. 

Clayton Frisch

Dad Tim Moser, from KC’s Cottonwood competed in weapons as an Intermediate Belt and won 1st place in a performance that made the entire gym stop to look when they heard his powerful voice booming and saw the strength in his moves.  His daughter April competed as a Black Belt for the 1st time and earned 2nd place in Musical Forms. 

Mom Judith Gorlick competed as a Black Belt for the first time and earned 2nd place in Musical Forms, while her son, Kestrel earned a 1st place in Black Belt Weapons.   When Mom Patty Jonas, a beginner belt from KC’s Camp Verde was competing, shouts of “Go, Mom” could be heard from her 12-yr-old Black Belt son, Luke.  Both placed first in Forms and Sparring divisions.

Jyoti Gorlick

There were also a lot of sibling teams out there on the floor competing for KC’s as well.  Brothers Clayton and Cutter Frisch put in a great performance.  They competed in their very first tournament and came home with 5 first place trophies between them.  The boys have been practicing hard as members of the Black Belt Club (Clayton) and the Super Lil’ Dragons (Cutter) programs at KC’s, splitting their class time between both the Camp Verde and Cottonwood KC’s locations depending on their family’s schedule.  “The boys love being in the BBC and Super Lil’ Dragons, especially because they get to do weapons classes.  We’re so proud of them!” said Mom, Jessica.  She went on to say how cool it was they did so well at their first tournament and they already can’t wait for the next one.

Melody Brown

KC’s Family Tae Kwon Do has two locations, one in Cottonwood and one in Camp Verde.  The school’s mission is to provide a fitness center where those who attend can gain confidence and learn discipline in classes that teach honesty, respect and friendship.  Classes are offered to all abilities in tae kwon do, tumbling, self defense, cardio-kick boxing fitness classes, and the Cottonwood school offers an Afterschool Karate Camp pick-up program.  Anyone is welcome to try the classes for free.  For more information, call 634-5165 or visit the website at www.kcfamilytkd.com.


 Chuck Conover (Adult): 1st Black Belt Weapons

Karen Conover (Adult): 1st Black Belt Traditional Forms

Kirsten Conover (Age 12): 1st Black Belt Traditional Forms, 2nd Weapons, 3rd Musical Forms, 2nd X-TEAM Demo

Christopher Conover (Age 7): 1st Advanced Forms, 2nd X-TEAM Demo

Kathy Tucker (Adult): 4th Black Belt Musical Forms

Chad Tucker (Age 16): 2nd X-TEAM Demo Division

 Judith Gorlick (Adult): 2nd Black Belt Musical Forms

Kestrel Gorlick (Age 11): 1st Black Belt Weapons, 4th Musical Forms, 2nd X-TEAM Demo

MaKenna Parker (Age 10): 3rd Beginner Bonker Sparring, 4th Forms

Bailey Parker (Age 13): 1st Beginner Sparring, 2nd Bonker Sparring, Finalist Forms

Gregory Brown (Age 5): 2nd Beginner Weapons, 3rd Forms

Melody Brown (Age 10): 2nd Beginner Forms

Ocean Brown (Age 12): 3rd Beginner Forms

Patty Jonas (Adult): 1st Beginner Form, 1st Sparring

Luke Jonas (Age 12): 1st Black Belt Forms, 1st Sparring, 2nd Musical Forms, 2nd X-TEAM Demo

 Malia Romero (Age 6): 2nd Beginner Weapons, 3rd Bonker Sparring, 4th Forms

Sierra Romero (Age 9): 1st Intermediate Forms, 2nd Weapons, 2nd Sparring, 1st Bonker Sparring

 Tim Moser (Adult): 1st Intermediate Weapons

April Moser (Age 16): 2nd Black Belt Musical Forms, 2nd X-TEAM Demo

Cutter Frisch (Age 5): 1st Beginner Weapons, 1st Forms, 1st Bonker Sparring

Clayton Frisch (Age 8): 1st Beginner Weapons, 1st Bonker Sparring, Finalist Forms

Scott Queen (Age 15): 1st Advanced Sparring, 2nd X-TEAM Demo

Dustin Queen (Age 13): 1st Beginner Forms, 1st Bonker Sparring, 4th Sparring

Jade Oium (Age 10): 1st Advanced Sparring, 3rd Weapons, Finalist Forms, 2nd X-TEAM Demo

Molly Ebel (Age 15): 1st Beginner Forms, 1st Bonker Sparring

Nick Ruggiero (Age 10): Finalist Advanced Forms, 2nd X-TEAM Demo

 Danna Hunton (Age 17): 2nd X-TEAM Demo

Izzy Housenga (Age 17): 2nd X-TEAM Demo

 Samantha Rivenburg (Age 17): 2nd X-TEAM Demo

 Russell Bird (Age 17): 2nd X-TEAM Demo

 Vivien Ott (Age 16): 2nd X-TEAM Demo

 Micah Drumm (Age 8): 2nd X-TEAM Demo

 Cody Zellner (Age 15): 2nd X-TEAM Demo

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