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Boot Camp Training for Potential Political Candidates

Sedona AZ (April 4, 2017) – The current political climate has resulted in a growing interest in the number of people willing to get involved and thinking about running for elected office. The League of Women Voters Greater Verde Valley is teaming up with Osher Lifelong Learning Institute to offer, at no cost, “Candidate Boot Camp” for individuals thinking about running for office or wanting to help others run. The program is designed to help potential candidates assess their qualifications, find out what it takes to run, and how to put a campaign together. The training consists of a series of three workshops on May 3, 10 and 17 from 5:00 p.m. –  7:30 p.m. at Yavapai College, 4215 Arts Village Drive, Sedona.

The May 3 workshop addresses why candidates should run including assessing qualifications, getting over “I can’t” attitude, choosing the right office at the right time, and putting a team together. The May 10 workshop focuses on how candidates should present themselves personally, in their campaign materials, and how to formulate a campaign message. The third workshop, on May 17, will help candidates understand how to develop a budget, set priorities, raise money and do the financial reporting required by the local or state election offices.

Among the speakers for the workshops are Katie Hobbs, Arizona State Senator; Coral Evans, Mayor of Flagstaff; Tom Thurman, Yavapai County Supervisor; Heather Hermen, Sedona School Board member; Jon Thompson, Sedona City Councilor; Steve Hansen, Hansen Lightworks; Chuck Williamson, former campaign treasurer; and, Theresa Jones, Campaign Finance Supervisor, Office of the Arizona Secretary of State.

The Director of the Candidate Boot Camp is Kathy Kinsella, member of the League of Women Voters and a Sedona resident. Kathy has organized numerous election campaigns for a variety of candidates and she herself served five terms as an elected official in the Town of Rhinebeck, in New York state. According to Kinsella, “If a candidate is well organized from the outset and has a team with knowledge and skills, running for office can be an exciting challenge. Our communities need citizens running for office who may not have previously thought about doing so.  It is the ultimate example of democracy.”

The training is free, but advance registration for Candidate Boot Camp is required. Refreshments will be served each evening at 5:00 p.m., allowing for networking opportunities among participants. The workshops will begin at 5:30 p.m.  To sign up, contact Barbara Litrell at 928-649-0135 or blitrell@aol.com.

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  1. Sedona Elections says:

    All anyone need know to run for Sedona city council is how to ally themselves with special interests that fund their campaign and slander opponents that do not follow the rules of their demands. Easy peasy. Will Jon Thompson be forthright enough to openly admit that’s how it’d done in Sedona? We’ll find out.

    BTW – true allies of those special interests are reflected in the ongoing posts from WSR & Associates, including The Thought Proctologist, their primary strategy being to dominate the five spaces indicated recent comments, thus eliminating the opportunity for readers to pick up on more enlightening remarks. However, in case you aren’t aware, the top TEN most recent comments appear at the bottom of the same page – a bit harder to read smaller print in white on the black background – however still available.

    Thank you very much.

  2. PS Sedona Elections says:

    Stand corrected – it seems there are only seven comments at the bottom of the page – could have sworn I counted ten at another time. It also seems like the ten most recent comments once appeared to the right as well. OK – so I was wrong! At least I admit it but still maintain position on the strategy of WSR and friends who remain busy at work on behalf of the special interests manipulating and controlling Sedona politics.

  3. Wsr says:

    Hey ESM and the orther SE complainers

    Did you see this guys……..you can actually get involved and make a change instead of complaining…..that’s awesome. Good new for you

  4. JPAjr says:

    Serious subject matter. Get involved.

  5. T. Glick says:


  6. No Brainer says:

    The only training needed to get elected in Sedona is how to win the votes of the special interests like the regional (NOT city) Chamber of Commerce and their non-tax collecting businesses – those that they promote and will spend money to get “their” guys and gals elected. The return on the bucks spent by those sponsors is probably far more than what the city gets back on the millions it gives to the Chamber. Oh, but of course, they generously share the treasure with the USFS and now will do the gracious favor of purchasing land on behalf of the City of Sedona. What a joke but who’s laughing? Those raking in the moola that’s who. And it ain’t to benefit the residents that once were proud to call Sedona THEIR home. NO MORE!

  7. Wsr says:

    @no brainer

    Yet another complainer(actually they do it all the time under different names) with no action…..

  8. Right On @no brainer says:

    It’s easy to know when you’ve hit a home run because old-stand-by U-NO-WHO replies so promptly. The truth shall prevail if only by provoking the most annoying. Y-E-S!!

  9. Why? says:

    Why would anyone volunteer so much of their time to help manage overpaid government? It is a big waste of time. Look at those teaching the class.

  10. @Why says:

    Obviously it’s not for you, THANKFULLY! You are one of those that like to gripe no matter what. I consider my personal vote to be sacred and I would never vote for you.

  11. Controlling the up and coming says:

    Run the other way. The old timers are trying to hang on to power. Let the youth take over, these people only work on safe projects they are told to focus on. keep your distance from all the named ‘helpers’…

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