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Arizona the Beautiful! Get involved November 20th!

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October 31, 2010

Boo You Trick or Trash? Get Involved?

If our soldiers, veterans, businesses, residents and even aliens work hard to protect and actively display pride in our country, will you join their effort to recover and recycle highway litter?

Will you help educate those who litter how their actions affect our state taxes, property values, job opportunities and how we feel about where we live?

The last official Road Warrior litter event will be Saturday, November 20, 2010. After this date, Rusty’s Morningstar Ranch will assume total responsibility for the Road Warrior’s initiated movement started February 2009. Rusty’s will continue the Road Warrior effort to collect and process the litter on Scenic Highway 89A between Cottonwood and Sedona.

Want to help? There are two sections of highway that need to be aggressively managed by one or two groups of citizens. Why citizens? The Road Warrior movement was established as a non-political movement. We’re an eclectic group of people who came together with a mission statement to “restore the beauty to America the Beautiful and Arizona”.

Folksville USA Original Road Warriors

It became clear to the Road Warriors that significant progress was made once we quit chasing or asking political leaders to help us; their sense of priority and red tape stifled our progress. With that said, Rob Adams, the Mayor of Sedona, worked with and for us without asking for anything in return, Rob got involved. We have a policy of thanking and not endorsing politicians who acknowledge and promote our efforts. Thanks Rob!

The Road Warrior have laid the ground work and planted the seeds for someone to take control of Scenic Highway 89 from Cottonwood to Jerome and Highway 260 from Cottonwood to Camp Verde. We have the contact information for those who have their names on the ADOT Adopt-A-Highway road signs. As evidence by the amount of highway litter on these two sections of highway, they need our help to restore the beauty to America the beautiful and Arizona.

If you wish to take on the same responsibility that Rusty’s Morningstar Ranch has assumed then contact the Folksville News and information will be provided to those serious about making a difference, have skin-in-the-game, have some fun and get to know your neighbors.

Gary Chamberlain

Editor Folksville News



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  1. B. Harris, Phoenix AZ says:

    Enjoyed this article and reading the other stories about the boy scouts and autistic kids who pick up others awful messes-a thankless job. Everyone should keep a litter bag in their car. Put your trash in proper containers and don’t litter. Have some pride! Enjoyed reading the article on tourism too and we are all feeling the strain of losing our incomes and opportunities to earn it. Please mail us a newspaper. We are in Phoenix and cannot find it locally so subscribed today. Sedona is beautiful and we love to drive through a couple times a year on our way to Vegas for the shows (we aren’t much for gambling). We like the Crystal Palace Store with its shady trees and the Coffeepot Restaurant and the drive north through the canyon area. Have a blessed day.

    Bea Harris, Anthem area

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