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ASU Student’s Body Found Under Midgley Bridge

Midgley Bridge on SR 89A north of Sedona city limits and in Oak Creek Canyon

Sedona AZ (March 1, 2017) – The person whose body was recovered mid-day yesterday from the creek below Midgley Bridge has been identified as a 20 year-old male student at Arizona State University (ASU). His body was discovered by hikers on February 28, 2107, in the creek below the bridge.

Sedona Fire Department responded to the call and confirmed the subject was deceased. SFD notified the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office and its Search and Rescue unit recovered the body. Coconino County Sheriff’s Office detectives initially identified the man by information in a wallet, and located his vehicle in the parking lot at Midgley Bridge.

Although the body had been located below Midgley Bridge, investigators were at first cautious about referring to the case as a suicide until further investigation could be conducted. The condition of the body did not show many of the external indicators typically associated with suicides from Midgely Bridge.

As the investigation continued, it was learned the student had been reported missing by family to the ASU Police Department, which then contacted Northern Arizona University (NAU) Police Department on February 27, 2017. It was learned the student had last been seen on February 26, 2017, visiting a friend at NAU.

NAU Police Department entered the man as a missing person into the National Crime Information Center database as missing and endangered, based on suicidal statements that investigators learned he had made. The investigation is still ongoing, and pending results from the Coconino County Medical Examiner’s Office.

The student has been identified as Ryan T. Donos.

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  1. Ann Goodwin, Indigo, California (midwest snowbirds) says:

    The sheer waste of this young’s man life is tragic. Tragic for his family, tragic for his own loss, tragic for his friends, tragic for all that might have been positively impacted by this young man’s presence!! For those contemplating suicide, PLEASE PLEASE call someone and talk. If your parents are alive, call them. If you have family and good friends, call them. If you don’t feel listened to, call others until you do. And if you cannot reach someone on the phone, get on your knees and talk to God. He’s a Great Listener. He’s with you every second so He’s easy to find.Sadness is painful, grief rips at your guts, but they will go away or can be managed without you killing yourself.That’s a promise. Sleep on it, is what my son counsels young people in California to do. I hope you will listen to him and me and know that you are loved!! I hope local people will be able to comfort his family.

  2. Tackle Guy says:


  3. Coconino County Sheriff's Office says:

    Please remember that the official cause of death is still under investigation.


  4. J Adams says:

    Condolences to the family and friends of this young man.

    Can we please take down the worthless fence?

  5. Oh Really??? says:

    To J Adams:

    No one has said if that troubled young man jumped from the bridge as a matter of fact, I read on Facebook that the rescuers had said that his body didn’t show signs of having jumped and ultimately fell and hit the rocks. The fence my be worthless to you and some others on SE but if it really does save one life (maybe one of your family members or close friend that you never saw the signs of being a troubled person) it wouldn’t have been worth the expense? I believe so.

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