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Arizona Trash Talk 2013

Gary Chamberlain asks that America the Beautiful be honored by all

Sedona AZ (January 2, 2013)When will “We the People” restore the beauty to Yavapai County, the state of Arizona and all of America?

Is one of the goals of Yavapai County to restore the beauty to “America the Beautiful” and to honor our military, veterans, our county, our state and America?

Is it our goal to continue to be the role models for the nationally recognized Adopt-A-Highway program through increased participation by our local Arizona Adopt-A-Highway groups and residents?

Is it our goal to convince those who intentionally and accidentally litter our highways to change that behavior so Arizona can boast of having the cleanest highways in the state? Could highway litter education and awareness be more effectively taught in our homes, schools, churches and businesses?

If all of the Yavapai County residents unite regardless of race, religion or political party, then the “restore the beauty” mission will be accomplished. If residents will invest 8 to 12 hours per year helping local Adopt-A-Highway groups, then we all benefit. If we, the people, invite all politicians to embrace and promote anti-litter “We the People” missions, then we will all benefit.

If our local business owners, churches, schools clubs, Boys & Girls Clubs, Boy & Girl Scout Troops, 4-H Groups, Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legions, motorcycle clubs, ATV Clubs, civic organizations, general contractors, subcontractors, trash transfer companies, residents, realtors and other groups participate in “Restore the Beauty to America the Beautiful efforts” then we all benefit. The “BagReadyJobs” opportunity, supported by local businesses, benefits local groups fundraising efforts through civic activism!

Arizona highway blue bags filled by anti-litter volunteers

Arizona highway blue bags filled by anti-litter volunteers

If military men and women who serve and have served “America the Beautiful” will lead the way, we will all benefit by your example. Ask that we join with you to clean up Yavapai County highways and communities. Let us honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for “America the Beautiful” with our civic activism!

If “We the people” promote the third Saturday of February, May, August and November as the dates to clean our Yavapai County Highways, we will continue to be the role models and trendsetters for Arizona’s Adopt-A-Highway Program – and for the nation. During the past four years, Folksville USA has been recognized nationally in newspapers, radio stations and television programs for its efforts to increase government/private cooperation to combat America’s highway litter.

If Kentucky can have the longest (400 mile) garage sale event, then why can’t Arizona have the longest Adopt-A-Highway event? Of course we can!

If ADOT Adopt-A-Highway Program employees will properly manage its taxpayer funded program and insure that it functions as intended, we all benefit.

If ADOT continues to mow and cut the brush back from our highway shoulders and medians, we all benefit from increased safety, visibility, and reduced fire danger. Groomed highways are a visual deterrent to litterers!

If ADOT will allow trash collected in the “blue” Adopt-A-Highway bags to remain on the shoulder for 4-5 days for the purpose of education, awareness and recognition, we will all benefit.

If Yavapai County communities would realize the effects of litter on our local economy in terms of attracting new residents, businesses and jobs plus realize the “Broken Window Theory” applies to our highways and local economies, we will all benefit. Highway TRASH is like a cancer that slowly destroys healthy communities.

Folksville USA RVRE kids pitch in to clean Arizona highways

Folksville USA RVRE kids pitch in to clean Arizona highways

If Yavapai County residents realize visitors to our area may be asking these questions:

• “Shall we move our family or business and jobs to Yavapai County or do we have other options?”

• “Do we want to spend our next holiday or vacation in Yavapai County or shall we go somewhere else?”

• “Do we tell our friends or family that Yavapai County is a place they may want to move, visit, or bring their business and jobs? Are there other less trashy choices?”

If we do all of the “If’s” …..

Then “We the people” of Yavapai County would answer questions like, “Is this a good place to live or bring my business, and why are your highways so clean?” with pride. We will boast of the cleanest highways in Arizona and living and working in the best communities. Having skin-in-the-game to make it so is civic activism at its finest hour!

Will you put your “Boots-on-the-ground” to volunteer at a quarterly anti-litter event? Will you help restore the beauty to America the Beautiful?

By combining and prioritizing efforts to “Restore the Beauty to America the Beautiful” we will end the litter culture that undermines respect for our local, statewide and national communities.

This SedonaEye.com IMOpinion article written by Gary Chamberlain. Contact Gary Chamberlain at FolksvilleUSA@gmail.com for information on BagReadyJobs and how to volunteer or register a group for upcoming litter abatement events.

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For the best Sedona Arizona News and Views? Subscribe to www.SedonaEye.com today.



  1. Ray says:

    give FIVE to #1 headliner///tho’t bout az feds aliens govermater u name it & find it talking TRASH TRASH lmao!!!!!

  2. FOX 10 Phoenix reports on effort of Verde Valley Adopt-A-Highway groups that are a few of the shining stars for a failed taxpayer funded program.


    People who do not litter should be proud of this effort, as a state we should be entirely embarrassed!

  3. Ray,

    As a 66 year old veteran, your message posted is “Greek” to me. How does this apply to the FOX 10 story that was posted.
    Come down to my level will you? I’m toooooooo old to come to you.

    Gary Chamberlain

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