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Arizona Redistricting Commission Candidates Require Public Oversight

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Arizona is seeking public comments on the 40 candidates for its Redistricting Commission. Arizona’s Independent Redistricting Commission will oversee the mapping of Arizona’s Congressional and Legislative districts in 2011. The Arizona Constitution directs the Commission on Appellate Court Appointments to review the applications, and by January 8 to nominate 25 people to serve.

Four elected officials will appoint the first four members of the Redistricting Commission. The fifth member will be chosen by the four members appointed to the commission. No more than two members of the Redistricting Commission can be members of the same political party. Of the first four appointed, no more than two can be residents of the same county. 

Among the candidates there are ­­15 Republicans, 15 Democrats, and 10 Independents. A list of all candidates by political affiliation follows. Lists are also available alphabetically or by county by calling (602) 452-3311 or at the nomination website, www.arizona-redistricting-nominations.com.

The candidates will be interviewed at a public meeting on December 8. The meeting will be held at the Arizona State Courts Building in Phoenix, 1501 W. Washington, Conf. Rm. 345, beginning at 8:00 a.m.

Citizens may address the Appellate Commission at that time or send written comments to 1501 W. Washington, Suite 221, Phoenix, AZ 85007. Written comments must be received by December 3 to be considered.

DEMOCRATS : Marcia J. Busching (Maricopa County) Robert L. Cannon (Maricopa County) Frances B. Dickman (Maricopa County) Luis A. Gonzales (Pima County) Eric B. Henderson (Navajo County) Jose M. Herrera (Maricopa County) Michael Kuby (Maricopa County) Linda C. McNulty (Pima County) Lawrence C. Mohrweis (Coconino County) William G. Roe (Pima County) Mark D. Rubin (Pima County) S.L. “Si” Schorr (Pima County) Jimmie D. Smith (Yuma County) Kimulet W. Winzer (Maricopa County) Marshall A. Worden (Pima County)

INDEPENDENTS: Paul Bender (Maricopa County) Raymond F. Bladine (Maricopa County) Doug Campos-Outcalt (Maricopa County) Catherine Castle (Maricopa County) Adolfo P. Echeveste (Maricopa County) Kimber L. Lanning (Maricopa County) Coleen C. Mathis (Pima County) Timothy W. Overton (Maricopa County) Margarita Silva (Maricopa County) Linda Spears (Maricopa County)

REPUBLICANS: Jim Bruner (Maricopa County) Louis A. DeLeon (Maricopa County) Scott D. Freeman (Maricopa County) Christopher M. Gleason (Pima County) Patrick McWhortor (Maricopa County) Jeffrey D. Miller (Pima County) Michael R. Perry (Maricopa County) Crystal A. Russell (Maricopa County) Mark E. Schnepf (Maricopa County) Leslie A. Schwalbe (Maricopa County) Susan F. Shultz (Maricopa County) Stephen J. Sossaman (Maricopa County) Richard Stertz (Pima County) Lynn Werner (Maricopa County) Benny E. White (Pima County)


  1. Harry Donovan says:

    why is everyone !!!!! from Maricopa county?????? isn’t this unallowed?????

  2. K.L. Kingman and PHX says:

    What a great article and thanks for bringing it to my attention. I will certainly begin to try and follow this process since it is so important.

    Kyle Lambert III
    Phoenix AZ and Kingman, AZ

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