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APS Replaced Analog Meter with Smart Meter

smart metersSedona AZ (July 23, 2016) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor and the city of Sedona Council and Staff:

Dear Sedona Councilors, Manager and Attorney:

A L E R T – A phone call today from an uptown resident who lost her electricity yesterday (Thursday, July 22) only to find that APS had replaced her analog meter – sometime when she was out without her approval or authorization that she had struggled to keep in the first place – with a smart meter is the motivation for sending this email.

As many, in addition to the City Councilors, Manager and Attorney should be aware, APS is requesting approval of charging each Sedona resident who has a smart meter and wants to replace it with analog meter a $70 set-up fee.

It is imperative that the City obtains the current number of City residents with analog meters on a regular basis and proof with documentation that the numbers are correct before any decision is considered by the City of Sedona.

Thank you on behalf of those residents who have maintained their analog meters.


Nancy Baer, Co-Founder
Sedona Smart Meter Awareness
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  1. DBS, Sedona homeowner says:

    Mine too!!!!!! I was thinking maybe I might sue the actual guy who changed the meter and his bosses in the local office & move my way up the food chain!!!

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