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Andy Caldwell on 13 Hours Movie

Sedona AZ (January 7, 2016) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor from David Vette, Sedona Arizona:

Good Afternoon:

The author of this piece is a radio talk show host on the Central California Coast. http://www.theandycaldwellshow.com/

We can look forward to more of the same in the New Year:

Santa Barbara News-Press Guest Editorial by Andy Caldwell

Andy Caldwell, Santa Barbara News-Press, 12/30/15

13 hours 2It seems that nearly all of America is gripped with the excitement generated by the return of the Star Wars movie franchise. While the pandemonium is understandable, I am hoping that the interest in a galaxy far, far away won’t diminish the attention we need to be paying to events closer to home. These real life battles are depicted in another movie “13 Hours” based on the events which unfolded on the night of September 11, 2012 in Benghazi.

13 Hours is a major motion picture directed by the famous Michael Bay (he produced the Transformer movies) that will be released on Jan.15. 13 Hours is based on the first hand accounts of the Benghazi annex security team, i.e. the people who survived the battle of Benghazi. The story informs us of what actually happened that night in Libya. The film doesn’t bother trying to figure out what was going on back in Washington at the time but that doesn’t matter because we now know the rest of the story anyway.

You could ask, using the words of Hillary Clinton, what difference does it make what happened that night in Libya? Well, this could be one of the most important movies of our time because if Americans understand the overall context and backdrop, it should spell the end of the political life of one Hillary Rodham Clinton!

Do you remember the infamous “3 a.m. call” campaign ad that Hillary Clinton ran in 2008? The ad asked America who would they want in the White House to answer a 3 a.m. call that needed the experience she alone could bring to the nation in a time of crisis. The ad presented Hillary as someone who knows the world’s leaders and our military capabilities, somebody tested and ready to lead in a dangerous world. Well, the irony is, it turns out that Hillary not only failed to make the call to rescue Americans in peril, she actually slept in as the events were unfolding.

Thanks to the dogged determination of Judicial Watch, we now have an email indicating that our top military leaders informed the State department that they had assets ready to respond to the attack on Ambassador (Christopher) Stevens, meaning the cavalry was in fact ready and able to respond in real time. The Obama administration, however, failed to deploy the assets in order to save American lives. Moreover, another email indicates that Hillary slept in until 10:43 the morning after. She missed a crucial intelligence briefing and she also fell behind in her calls to world leaders, The one thing she apparently didn’t miss was the briefing to wit we blamed the attacks that night on a video.

We left Americans to die in Benghazi because nobody in the White House would answer the repeated calls for help. I am hoping all of America will go see the 13 Hours movie to see the effect of the political cowards who failed American heroes in the night. We owe these fallen Americans that much, don’t we?

Andy Caldwell is the executive director of COLAB and host of the Andy Caldwell Radio Show, weekdays from 3-5 p.m., on News-Press Radio AM 1290.


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Read www.SedonaEye.com for daily news and interactive views!


  1. We’re going. Everybody should.

  2. These Star Wars guys destroyed because their government went corrupt is theme of this movie. Where are our Independence Day President and our fighting for good against evil and independence government? Our people deserve better & you people better start figuring it out. Your complacency & stupidity elected these morons & your complacency & stupidity would elect Hilary Clinton?????? She needs to be tried for complicity in murder not merely incompetency as head of State Department.

  3. Don, Sedona says:

    Go see this it’s at Harkins now.

  4. magickj says:

    Hilliary Clinton has the goods on UFOs. She knows what the government has been hiding and the technology available. Many people in the UFO community are rooting for her because she will spill the beans and the whole world will change. She is holding some very important cards in this game, you might say TRUMP cards.

    I have been out with night vision goggles many times and see the craft flying in our skies. There have been several instances of nuclear missiles being shut down by UFOs. Last week an airport in China was shut down because of a UFO over it. Former Prime Minister of Canadian Defense, Paul Hellyer, said that the earth has been visited. Hilliary Clinton recently said “We may have been visited…”

    For 69 years the military has held secrets about UFO activity. It’s time to end the truth embargo and if Hillary is on the ticket, I just may have to vote for her in hope that the truth will prevail. Finally.


  5. Rachel says:

    @majikj you have no logic and that is scary about you

    Hillary and hubby Bill held the highest seat of power in the entire World and she has continued to be In the highest seats of Near Power in the World. If what you said was truth she and bill would have released the truth because they controlled it then and now

    She is a gray or reptilian like bush. You aren’t right about the shut down over China – who told you that flat out lied. Learn how to discern fact from fiction because you do our other world interests great harm with your words

    Hillary is/would be the worst choice for our cause. She doesn’t believe and you are being fooled and made a fool of by grays and reptilians

  6. magickj says:

    Wow Rachel. just wow.
    Please watch the Citizen’s Hearing on UFO Disclosure.
    I do not lie. Here’s the YouTube about the airport closure, which by the way, has happened MANY times in the past (our MSM doesn’t cover UFO news – why not?)
    In your last paragraph, you think there are grays and reptillians running the world. Why not make our government disclose this fact?
    We are ever near to full and complete UFO disclosure. Even the CIA recently put “how to investigate a UFO” and declassified files on their website. They did this a few days before X-files aired it’s new season. Why? Because we’re SO CLOSE to getting to the truth of the matter.
    Wake up.

  7. Rachel says:

    @majikj stop being a tool, WHAT things would be different if full & complete disclosure? what you smokin ? Truths of Matters aren’t influenced by government disclosures or nondisclosures! Truth is what truth is, that YouTube is bogus by checking its source, MANY YouTubes lack anything worth sharing or believing – they are man made MOVIES, you need to stop being scam material, people like you lack discernment & are easily led – Good luck to you buddy, must be pretty old because you sound like 70? times have changed, no boogeymen lurking down conspiracy lane, the government isn’t ” agin you boys ” knowing about UFOs, this isn’t the 50s or 60s and nobody keeps anything secret specially governments!

    I tried but you go on thinking life is coast to coast bud or join the global world beyond Sedona. Remember people don’t give a damn if UFOs or not, doesn’t change their lives one bit either way. Think about it.

  8. magickj says:

    Since you can’t even get my name right, I wonder how well you are processing the information I am sharing.
    There has been a 69 year long truth embargo. You and I are NOT being told the truth about UFOs. Over half of the American population believes there are UFOs visiting early, millions of photos, sworn testimony by military officers and pilots and STILL no disclosure from the President. You’re talking out of your hat – without looking into the disclosure movement and the reams of evidence for UFOs.
    After disclosures, the world will change in ways unimaginable to you now. Religion, medicine, education, economy — nothing will be as it is now because of the rise in consciousness.
    I am not 70, and yes times have changed and people (unlike you) are waking up. This is a BIG GIANT deal that there is a secret society that knows about UFOs and then there’s the rest of us.
    Former Clinton advisor John Podesta says “She promised me she would!” in revealing Government ET UFO secrets during her campaign.
    You talk like a madman. A head stuck in the sand madman. Everything in your life will change.

  9. magickj says:

    PS If you’d like to know just how things will change after UFO disclosure, I suggest to read Richard Dolan’s book, After Disclosure.


  10. magickj says:

    Let me make myself perfectly clear. I am NOT promoting Secretary Clinton to be the next president of the United States. Hiliary has my attention because she and her husband are historically connected to the issue via the Rockefeller Initiative. The American people should not have to wait one more day for Disclosure. Secretary Clinton should speak to the American people in depth about the Rockefeller Initiative. John Podesta should elaborate on the reasons behind his statements. All other presidential candidates should speak to the issue, The President and the Pentagon should reach an understanding, and PRESIDENT OBAMA SHOULD MAKE THE DISCLOSURE ANNOUNCEMENT WELL BEFORE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE VOTE FOR THE NEXT PRESIDENT.

  11. W,C,O,P & B, the Sanity Group says:

    @magickj spelled it right for @rachel, and here’s a takeaway between you and @rachel. we’ll be nice. Nicer than you 2 airheads deserve. We’re use the word you two tossed around — WEIRD. @magickj If you consider HC because of a historical connection w/ Rockefeller Initiative (deleted by editor) we’re tossing hats in the ring w/ @rachel. You @magickj are weirder, more ignorant than @rachel. guessing you leave the house to bond with like minds and only read and watch like minded info? Note to you too this started out as a post on 13 Hours film. IF you possibly can understand that HC wouldn’t get out of bed to place calls to send in help for an ambassador being murdered in cold blood then why will she give a airship down hot damn about you or us knowing about UFOs? She’ll be the first one under her bed or escorted out of the galaxy when aliens show up if she doesn’t nuke them first. Vote the Donald best becuz he’d welcome aliens to America just because then he could build on other planets and have someone buy American goods to other than the Chinese, Cruz because he’d make everybody sit down and TOLERATE each other (Canadians love to do that). @rachel We’re afraid aliens are here like you and Magic KJ and both you make us worry others show up that they’ll be even weirder than you. We need more aliens why? We hear a Sedona rest home for space cadets has a labyrinth waiting for a space ship, go get on when it shows up. Gets weirder than (deleted by editor) round Sedona all the time w/ over 50 yrs olds from coastal Twilight Zones…just sayin’ of course

  12. Darryl Z says:

    I hear you, magickj! Most people are STILL sound asleep on the issue of UFOs. I was doing some research after reading your post and came across this from Steve Basset, head of Paradigm Research Corp and Washington Lobbyist:

    From Steve Bassett : PRG much appreciates this article by Daniel Oberhaus on the VICE website. Because the extraterrestrial presence issue has been subjected to a government imposed, seven decade truth embargo, it is useful to provide analysis and clarification for articles from important media venues such as the Washington Post and VICE. From the top:
    — First and foremost, this truth advocacy movement is not about “UFO’s” and hasn’t been for many years. It is about an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. The acronym “UFO” was foisted upon the issue by the government and picked up by the media as a convenient way to keep the issue contained. “UFO” is now an anachronistic non-sequitur about as relevant as referring to atomic physics as the study of UTP’s – unidentified tiny particles.
    — Some may be confused by the use of the term “skeptic” in this article. In this instance it is referring to those skeptical of the government’s statements and posture regarding the extraterrestrial presence issue.
    — minor typo. It should be Paradigm Research Group.
    — the most important reportage here is the statements by John Podesta. Daniel Oberhaus has gotten the first response from the Clinton team on the extraterrestrial presence issue since PRG began its congressional hearing/political initiative in November of 2014.
    Note the following from John Podesta’s response to VICE’s questions: 1) Podesta does not deny there is an issue to be addressed, 2) he acknowledges there is great public interest in the subject, 3) he acknowledges political leaders are afraid to engage the subject, 4) he does not walk back Secretary Clinton’s statements to Daymond Steer of the Conway Daily Sun, 5) he confirms Secretary Clinton will follow through on her commitment to get to the bottom of the issue and set up a task force to investigate Area 51, 6) he once more calls for the release of relevant documents in government files, 7) he once more asserts the American people can handle the truth.
    What more, PRG asks, does ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, and Fox need to hear before they figure out this issue is in play and must be addressed by all candidates seeking the presidency. A new Democratic debate has just been announced for February 4 in New Hampshire. MSNBC will sponsor. Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow will moderate. Perhaps the wake up call will have been heard by then.


    Thank you for posting this information. If Hiliary is indicted, a lot of secrets will be revealed and heads will roll!

    I am sorry that you were attacked for pointing out a very real issue in our country. The House of Clinton IS failing. BTW: there was a lot of truth in that first XFile episode.

    Stay strong!
    Darryl Z

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