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ADOT Clarifies Decision to Halt Route Transfer Funding

Sedona AZ (May 4 2011)–In a letter dated April 28, 2011 to City Manager Tim Ernster, John Halikowski, Director for ADOT provided clarification as to why ADOT could not accept any of the alternatives that the City proposed for salvaging the Route Transfer Agreement.

The City first proposed that ADOT provide the City with the $10.6 million in funding now, and that the City would hold these funds until the outcome of the referendum and would provide written assurances that if the referendum overturned the affirmative route transfer decision, the City would return the funds with interest to ADOT.  In the April 28 letter, ADOT states that it is not willing to provide the $10.6 million when the City, by virtue of the referendum, cannot guarantee that it will ultimately assume ownership of the roadway.

As a second alternative, the City expressed a willingness to amend the funding deadline in the transfer agreement to a date after the referendum.  In the April 28, 2011 letter, ADOT states that this option is not viable because there is no guarantee that a revised agreement would not be subject to the same referendum
issues as the current agreement.


A copy of ADOT’s letter dated April 28, 2011 is available for viewing on this web site.


  1. Jim says:

    It’s about time the City of Sedona released this ADOT letter to an impartial web site that will post comments reflecting thoughts on all sides of the issue. For the time being that will be my two cents worth which isn’t to say I might not be back to add more. Thanks for this opportunity which I know will not be lost in cyber space.

  2. George says:

    this is end run by chamber and ousted council

  3. Phil says:

    When did ADOT get to interfere with the City of Sedona elected officials decision and its political process..who elected ADOT..time to call in the lawyers..

  4. Tom says:

    continuous lighting is finally guaranteed-light up the sky-read here that city is having parks programs support astronomers at city expense-we dont need parks programs at taxpayers expense-heres reason to cut expensive programs and employees from city payrolls

  5. Andy says:

    Being in opposition to BOTH the extensive lighting as well as the route transfer, of the two options I look forward to the opportunity to vote AGAINST the decision to proceed with transfer of ownership of SR 89A to the City of Sedona, made by a mere four Sedona mortals. Regardless of ADOT’s current plans, the referendum/initiative must proceed as deemed necessary through the appropriate and legitimate process.

    Neither am I a business owner nor a member of the Sedona Chamber of Commerce. In fact, I’m appalled at the amount of money the City allocates annually to the C of C allegedly for services that have been available long before Sedona was a legitimate “city” and funding from that source wasn’t available.

    That being said, will reiterate with pleasant expection the opportunity to cast my vote in objection to the action taken by the four city council members for albeit a well intentioned alternative to continuous highway lighting but neglectful insofar that an accurate pulse wasn’t secured via the opportunity for residents to cast a vote on the matter prior to the premature decision. After all, we are the ones who will be paying for improvements and upkeep for a state route, designation not to be changed under the ownership of the City of Sedona.

    Listening to utter nonsense that bringing SR89A to the standards provided by ADOT on SR 179 would be covered by the appx. ten million $$ no longer presumably on the table is blatant insanity. Specifically the proposal to continue from the “Y” with roundabouts is the latest hype I’m hearing, not necessarily with the inclusion of highway lane dividers. Have any of you not-so-conscientous objectors bothered to acquire the cost of design and implementation for even ONE roundabout? Wish you would and let your finding be made public providing it’s legitimate and not pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking which has, to date, been the case.

    Time for the UFO to return passengers to Planet Earth. Is the Bell Rock terminal still in operation?

  6. laura sue says:

    Hey, George, what makes you think the ADOT letter or the Referendum and Initative have anything to do with the Chamber and ousted council? as far as I have been able to find out…no ousted council member is involved and the chamber is not speaking about the situation. how about we get real on the real topic…and stop the side bar stuff…the ownership issue is it…and quite frankly…regardless of a person’s place (or affiliation) in our community – a voice is a vote and a vote is a voice and votes and voices count….how come so many of you find it so uncomfortable to let the legal process work?

  7. CJ says:

    Something else just occurred to me. Now that ADOT’s position is to retain ownership of SR89A and install lighting for their own safety reasons, does anyone suppose that at this late date the City of Sedona will consider taking some sort of legal action? As I recall prior to the last election, that option had been quite vocally on the table although, to my knowledge, the matter of the route transfer had not. (If it had been I would NEVER have voted for the “new” slate, which I now regret having done.)

    Anyhow, if by chance in desperation this “new” council decides to uphold their broken promise to pursue a legal challenge (after opting for the so far failed route transfer) what are the chances for such action to be the one thing ADOT will need as a viable reason to dump the State Route onto the taxpayers of Sedona?

    So, while our authorities on this subject are hopefully obtaining quotes on the costs of roundabouts and/or installation of more traffic lights like at the medical center, plus other wish list improvements, maybe they will enlighten us as to the chances for legal action by the City of Sedona to serve as the magical genie to unlock the justification to “gift” the road to Sedona, without monetary compensation, which would validate the so far idle threats by those who don’t want the lighting no matter what? Then let us hear them gleefully chant “Told you so” as more people plan to pack up and move on out. Little wonder Sedona’s population is dwindling.

    Come on. Level with us. Time for the truth and nothing but the truth, Now isn’t that an interesting concept and wouldn’t it be a refreshing change? Ha, don’t hold your breath.

  8. Donna says:

    Oh for goodness sake will this EVER die?

  9. Eddie Maddock says:

    My question is “Why did any of this happen in the first place?” Maybe it’s just proof that “We reap what we sow?” (sorry ~ two questions!)

  10. Spy Glass says:

    Laura Sue- You must be talking to the wrong people. Go down to the city and ask to see who pulled the petition for the group, Save Sedona Now. Two former council members, overwhelmingly defeated in the last election, their campaign managers and supporters, plus family, friends and coworkers are on the list.

  11. Laura Sue says:

    Hey Spy Glass – I have done some checking and think ya might want to check your facts and groups. From what I know that is on record with the City – Save Sedona Now is not connected in any way with the group called Let The People Vote 89A – which I am told was the group who pulled papers for the referendum and initiative. there is a lady chairing Let the People Vote named Sheri who used to be on council many years ago…think she was Vice Mayor for several years and was not overwhelmingly defeated in the last election cuz she’s been out of the political world in sedona for years. think you’ve got your groups mixed up. How bout you now checking cuz – this kind of incorrect information really doesn’t benefit anything….

  12. Wild Buckeye McKittrick, Sedona AZ says:

    This is a small town and small town people talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and say nothing much valuable. Dang far to much talking about this road and this recalling.

    Proof positive when POLITIC-ANS voted out of office by the townfolk can’t hush up and wait to run for office again fair and square in the next go-round.

    All this talking gets a few old imbeciles and battleaxes riled up when they should be rocking on porches with some tea and chew. Idle minds and flapping jaws cause this town nothing but trouble.

    Lordy Lordy they keep talking and talking and talking. This town was better LESS WINDY. (Wild Buckyeye McKittrick is saying)

  13. Jim, Sedona AZ says:

    whoa…………Wild Buck………get off your high horse.

  14. jim from May 5th says:

    Wow, need to clarify that my comment, first on the list, is not from the same “Jim, Sedona AZ” as above although I agree with his one liner.

    Actually I’d really intended to let my previous two cents worth suffice. However, reading all the name calling and back stabbing coming from the folks who apparently are afraid for the issue to go to the voters is somewhat chilling. If this is representative of the attitude of those who continue to cry “Poor me” because people want to exercise their constitutional rights, then just what is going on in Sedona? Little wonder the population dropped. Come on apparent losers. Get a grip and cease and desist with the mud slinging. I do not see it profusely spouting from those who simply want a ballot referendum and an opportunity for EVERYONE to vote.

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