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Abandoned Political Signs Indicate Lack of Character

Abandoned political signs litter Arizona highways

Dear Verde Valley residents, Americans and taxpayers,


PC, also known as political correctness, isn’t part of my vocabulary – so hang on tight.


When I was young, 65 years ago, the nearest adult could reshape the attitude of any young person out of control, without hesitation or beating-around-the-bush trying to be PC. What has happened to our society and those values? Are they gone forever? Do enough people who care about pride in our county exist anymore? Where are they?



Uncollected political signs are highway trash

What do these old and abandoned political signs, the 21 bags of trash and many other trash items recovered on Highway 260 between Cottonwood and Camp Verde tell us about the leadership skills of our politicians or want-to-be-politicians? What do these items and the trash say about our politicians leading by example and from the front?


Those whose names are on the abandoned political signs, those who toss trash, and the leadership skills of those who manage the Arizona ADOT Adopt-A-Highway Program seem to be lacking in some basic values.


Illegal dumping

What are our tax dollars for the Adopt-A-Highway program getting us?  Should we privatize the ADOT Adopt-A-Highway Program? I know many people who need or would like the work if our state employees and the ADOT Adopt-A-Highway Permittee’s can’t handle the job.


How about hiring our veterans to clean our highways and manage the Adopt-A-Highway Program? If our veterans can defend our county, serve in combat (or not) then managing the Adopt-A-Highway Program and cleaning our highways should be like a walk in the park.


The political signs and the roadside trash were recovered by two people with pride in America and who had the slogan “America the Beautiful” etched in their brains at a very young age – guess they were indoctrinated! These two people picked litter/trash up in a 3/4 mile section between Mile Post 218 to 219. The 21 bags took two people over 50 years of age about 3 1/2 hours to pick up. Why did they do it? Why did they need to do it?

Political signs litter Arizona highways long after election day


The obligation for picking the signs and trash was to be that of the ADOT Adopt-A-Highway Permittee, the IAFF L3690 Chapter from Camp Verde!


Maybe this ADOT AAH Permittee will now finish the job? Or will they leave it to the old folks? You might want to send a editorial to your favorite newspaper. The Arizona ADOT Adopt-A-Highway Coordinator may want to explore its “Activity Reports” for this Camp Verde group and many others to determine if they’re up to the requirements of the Adopt-A-Highway Program!


These groups on Arizona State Route Highway 260 need to realize there is a new crop of ADOT Adopt-A-Highway Permittees who take their commitment to the ADOT Adopt-A-Highway Program seriously and who want to improve the image of the Verde Valley.


Is this highway trash the example of Verde Valley pride that we want to show tourists, visitors, new home buyers, and potential new businesses to our area.


Changing our habits may change our local economy, it sure won’t hurt trying. Changing some leadership might also be a good first step.


Do we honor our veterans and Armed Forces by trashing America, our communities and by ignoring our commitment to the ADOT AAH Program? No wonder SOME our youth and some adults act the way they do, it appears they have no role models.


This is about as politically correct as I choose to be. If you don’t like it, go pick up some trash, and then maybe you won’t be so PC.


Gary Chamberlain 
Cornville, AZ 
“Point Man” FVUSA

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  1. No PC Likers says:

    tell it like it is

    we appreciate the honesty

    No PC Likers
    Rimrock AZ

  2. Michael Loza Responds says:

    I am the person who was once appointed to be in charge of my organizations Adopt-The-Highway program. We were given the section that the wonderfully opinionated Mr. Chamberlain wrote about, Milepost 218-219 on Highway 260. For those that don’t know, it is the area in Camp Verde at the I-17 junction.

    My organization is a group of Firefighters from Camp Verde. When we enrolled in the program with A-Dot the requirements were to clean the entire section twice a year. In the last 4 years we have done exactly that. My group decided to drop the program at its next renewal, that was last September, but we have not heard from Adot in a very long time.

    At this point the Camp Verde Fire District will be taking over the program with me still in charge. This is to give the opportunity for administrative and reserve staff the credit to help.

    Mr. Chamberlain. I appreciate you cleaning in our section, a great help indeed. I just wish that you could have done so out of the goodness of your heart. Instead you choose to do it as an opportunity to throw darts from your big mouth.

    See, if it was truly done for the sake of good you would not have taken the opportunity to write your petty little article. Firefighters, like Veterans, give back to their community in so many ways, this has just been one of the avenues we choose to take.

    I could mention the dozens of other sacrifices that we make to better our community, but that would defeat the purpose of giving out of the heart. So I will choose not to spill vile from the mouth and diminish our efforts.

    Oh Yeah! When Gary Chamberlain cleaned in our section of the highway he tied all of the bags to the delineators and other various poles and signage. Now Adot won’t pick them up.

  3. Gary Chamberlain responds to Michael Loza says:

    Dear Mike,

    Per our telephone conversation yesterday, you told me that the IAFF L3690 Camp Verde Chapter hadn’t cleaned this section for over a year prior to the November 19, 2011. Did I misunderstand you?

    With that said, the written ADOT obligation per its web site states three times per year or more for a Scenic Highways and though you claim they approved you for only cleaning twice per year, this is less than the stated ADOT policy.

    We have contacted ADOT several times over the past three years to provide the documentation that allows twice per year cleaning, instead of the 3 times per year, and ADOT has refused to provide it.

    I hope you will agree that twice per year will not keep the litter from trashing our highways.

    As for the yellow caution tape placed by each bag of trash….I have been given a “donation” of $10 per bag of trash that I personally pick up. In less than two days, local businesses and residents have given me $1,600 to pick up highway litter because they’re tired of seeing it! Aren’t you?

    Yes, you can say I have a big mouth when it comes to litter and honoring ….or not, the three times per year obligation.

    The “Broken Window Theory” that applies to neighborhoods also applies to our highways and communities…it effects the economy of the Verde valley.

    As I mentioned per our conversation last night, I said that we want and will support your group in our 30 mile team effort to make the Verde Valley more appealing to new residents, tourists and new businesses.

    As for the good deeds of firemen, I know them well. My father served on a fire board for twelve years so I know quite a lot about firemen and the good deeds they perform.

    I suggest we go have a beer or Coke some time and discuss how to work together. You know how to contact me and I welcome your call or e-mail.

    Gary Chamberlain
    “Point Man” FVUSA
    Restore the beauty to America

  4. Glenn Shannon says:

    There are state laws that give a time limit on picking up those signs so this is another example of our laws not being enforced. Trash along the highway is another example of laws not being enforced as I can’t remember the last time I ever hear(d) of anyone being fined for littering. This is also why society is the way it is as most people who commit crimes are given a slap on the wrist. When they do a really serious crime you always read a long list of previous crimes.

  5. Dan Stone says:

    thanks for people like you, gary

  6. Gary Chamberlain says:

    Dear Sedona Eye and FVUSA Readers,

    As it stands, the IAFF L3690 ADOT Adopt-A-Highway sign will soon be replaced with a sign for the Camp Verde Fire District.

    Mike Loza and I have found a solution to our differences and a way to work together …. and our common goal makes the Verde Valley a nicer/cleaner place to live.

    If only our politicians could follow our lead and find solutions to problems or difficulties …. all politicians, both parties.

    Thanks Mike. HOO AH!

    Gary Chamberlain
    “Point Man” FVUSA
    (928) 202-1186

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